Monday, April 25, 2011

Series Preview - Diamondbacks

Pitching Matchups:
Monday, 9:40, Cliff Lee v. Ian Kennedy
Tuesday, 9:40, Roy Oswalt v. Daniel Hudson
Wednesday, 3:40, Cole Hamels v. Joe Saunders

The Snakes Offense:
Avg - .258 (13th)
OBP – .321 (15th)
Slug - .428 (5th)

They are a pretty average offensive team with big-score capabilities because they have good speed throughout the lineup and 5 or 6 guys that can hit the ball out of the park at any time. Stephen Drew leads the team in average (.344) and journeyman Ryan Robers is hitting out of his head (.320-4-13), but the star of this offense is Justin Upton, who’s having a solid year early (.282-4-14). Miguel Montero and Willie Bloomquist are both hitting over .300 in the early stages. Montero also has three homers and Bloomquist has seven steals.

On the other end of the stat line, Kelly Johnson and Chris Young are struggling (.185 and .212 respectively) although Young does have 4 long balls and 14 RBI.

The remainder of the team is made up of “whose-thats” and “has-beens” like Juan Miranda, Russel Branyan, Melvin Mora and Xavier Nady.

The Snakes Pitching:
ERA – 5.16 (30th)
WHIP – 1.48 (27th)
BAA - .281 (28th)

This team is battling San Diego for last place in the West for one reason – their starting pitching is absolutely horrendous.

The carousel of pitchers in the desert is not working out well. They had the young, promising Max Sherzer but traded him for Edwin Jackson and Ian Kennedy. Jackson didn’t perform as expected so they traded him for Daniel Hudson. Hudson was great last year but so far this season, he’s getting knocked around to the tune of a 5.90 ERA. [*To be fair to the Sabermetricians, I should point out that his xFIP is almost exactly the same as 2010, in the 3.73 range. This is because his strike out rate is quite high (9.6 K/9). However, his walks are up and his BABIP is back to an “average” numbers after benefitting from a .240 number last season. So if his K rate drops, expect his xFIP to meet his real ERA at about 4.50 in a month or two.]

Ian Kennedy has been similar to Hudson. He had an ERA under four last year, but this year it’s over five and a half.

As for their best pitcher the last few years, Dan Haren, he was traded to Anaheim for Joe Saunders and a 26 year old reliever with a career minor league ERA of 4.61. Wow, that was a great trade. Saunders has the best ERA on the staff this year, at 4.98.

The rest of the rotation consists of that guy who didn’t throw a perfect game (Armando Gallaraga) and some other guy (Barry Enright.)

The D-backs will take only one at home from the Phillies.

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GM-Carson said...

Can't wait until the magic # gets below 140...oh the anticipation.

GM-Carson said...

The Phillies offense sucks!

Bob D said...

what offense?

GM-Carson said...

True dat!