Monday, April 18, 2011

Series Preview - Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers (7-8) @ Philadelphia Phillies (10-4)

Pitching Matchups:
Monday, 7:05, Shaun Marcum v. Joe Blanton
Tuesday, 7:05, Randy Wolf v. Roy Halladay
Wednesday, 1:05, Chris Narveson v. Cliff Lee

The Brew Crew Offense:
AVG - .255 (17th)
OBP - .317 (18th)
SLG - .399 (14th)

Fresh off a double header sweep against the Gnats in which the offense went dormant, Milwaukee is searching for answers. It's early in the season, but disappointment is abound. The big guns of Prince Fielder, Rickie Weeks, and Ryan Braun are firing on all cylinders (combined .312 with 11 HR, 30 R, 32 RBI), but the rest of the lineup is anemic. The offense will likely rival Colorado and Cincinnati's for best in the NL by season's end, but for now can be handled if the Big 3 are kept in check.

The Brew Crew Pitching:
ERA - 3.50 (13th)
WHIP - 1.34 (15th)
BAA - .256 (17th)

With the additions of tonight's pitcher Marcum and Zack Greinke, this was supposed to be an epic year for the Brewers. Their two main cogs in the backend of the bullpen have been letdowns thus far (Axford and Saito) and their staff ace Yovani Gallardo has been anything but that. However, the 3 starting pitchers being sent to the mound this series are all off to solid starts, especially Marcum and Narveson. Wolf is pitching exactly like he always does, a touch above mediocre.

This is a tough one. It's pretty much a given the Phils lose tonight with Blanton on the hill, but the next two games are toss-ups seeing that they're facing lefties and Howard is in a funk and Ibanez can't hit lefties (or righties for that matter). But, I'll pick the Phils for 2 out of 3 because Halladay and Lee are beasts and for the hope that Manuel will wise up and give Mayberry a start or two this week in LF.


furiousBall said...

I hope my newly acquired fat first baseman gets all of his hits tonight and lets the Phils take the final two in the series

GM-Carson said...

Don't get greedy.

Ben said...

This blog kicks ass. Yer always the first to post on game day and always bring the humor and informative information we are all too lazy to research and forget that we really do care about. Like oh yea it would be nice to know how these fuks the brewers are doing thus far... I'm sure no one tells ya, THANKS

GM-Carson said...

You're very welcome.

We Should Be GMs is a rare breed.

Preserve Jon said...

Hacks/writers throw hissy fit, hilarity ensues.

Nikole said...

The Phils offense is non-existent. We need Chase back and Benny Fran needs to sit down for a few games. Get Gload and Mayberry in there for a few games.

Preserve Jon said...

So where's the other half of Prince Fielder?

Larry Jones said...

If madsen's old lady would shut up he wouldn't be blowing games

GM-Carson said...

What the hell is up with Victorino? Those were some really bad swings.

Also, I've seen enough of Ibanez in a Phils uniform. Thanks for the memories, but a quadriplegic with a malfunctioning wheelchair could "run" on his arm. I just think Raul has been horrible. watch him get the winning hit or something.

GM-Carson said...

Kyle Kendrick kinda sucks.

The offense is winning all those well pitched games isn't it...oh wait.

ripjgarcia said...


3 runs and a hit.

3 walks (though 2 Int)


Wild Pitch

Oh I missed the hit batter.

To Japan I say!