Friday, April 08, 2011

Series Preview - Braves

Pitching Matchups:
Friday, 7:35, Cliff Lee v. Tim Hudson
Saturday, 1:10, Roy Oswalt v. Brandon Beachy
Sunday, 1:35, Cole Hamels v. Derek Lowe

The Braves Offense:
Avg - .226 (24th)
OBP – .287 (25th)
Slug - .348 (22nd)
The middle of the Braves offense is solid. They don’t have a Pujols/Howard-type player that can carry a team offensively, but the combination of a (healthy) Jones, Uggla, Heyward and McCann can certainly hit with enough power and score enough runs to make a playoff push. Early this season though, they are struggling to find offense at the top and bottom of the order. They also lack any significant speed. Leadoff man Martin Prado has nine career stolen bases. He usually makes up for the lack of speed with a good OBP. Unfortunately for the Braves, he’s getting on base at a .250 clip, mirroring the team’s lackluster .287 OBP. Rookie first baseman Freddie Freeman is off to a very slow start hitting a paltry .130. Nate McLouth, who many pundits thought would bounce back this season, is struggling early to the tune of .217.

The Braves Pitching:
ERA – 2.75 (4th)
WHIP – 1.29 (15th)
BAA - .242 (11th)
The ERA of the three respective pitchers that will throw this weekend are 1.29, 1.50, 0.77. Granted, the total innings pitched is 24.2, but trust me, it’s no fluke. After the Phillies, the Braves rotation ranks among the tops in the National League. The other strength of this team is the back end of the bullpen, with the hard throwing duo of Jonny Venters and Craig Kimbrel.

Prediction:The Phils will win the first and lose the second. I'll give the rubber match to the home team so, Braves take two of three.

Phlashback Phriday:
April 8, 2000
Phils (1-4) 5 – Astros (3-2) 8
W – Mike Maddox, L – Chris Brock, S – The Rat
For the Phils: Homer by Doug Glanville and two hits each for Mickey Morandini and Tomas Perez. The Phils pitchers that day – Chris Brock, Amaury Telemaco, Kirk Bullinger and Scott Aldred. Yikes.
For the Astros: Dwight Gooden got the start, lasting only four innings. Home runs by Ken Caminiti and Moises Alou.

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Preserve Jon said...

Apparently Brett Myers has changed his tune and is the second coming of Aaron Rowand. I have mixed feelings about this, because as much as I disliked his attitude towards people he was a ballplayer and a competitor. And it would have been nice if he grew up while still a Phillie, but I guess the change of scenery worked for him.

GM-Carson said...

I totally forgot Dwight Gooden was an Astro. Wow. Cocaine will eff you up.

I'm also thinking 2 outta 3 for the Braves this weekend. Not rooting for that obviously, but that's my outlook.

GM-Carson said...

Phillies ranks:
AVG- .353 (1st)
OBP- .407 (1st)
SLG- .498 (4th)
OPS- .904 (2nd)
R- 43 (3rd)

ERA- 4.00 (16th)
WHIP- 1.26 (11th)
BAA- .264 (21st)

Bob D said...

I think hot Phillies team + cold Braves team = Phillies sweep, the Phils staff is just so much better and dependable.

GM-Carson said...

Bob- so much for your prediction. Cliff Lee was the worst that I've ever seen him. His balls were screaming "hit me" in route to the plate.