Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Post #2000 Extravaganza

We Should Be GMs and Juan Pierre had a race to 2000 and we won. We got to the ton mark by slugging homeruns and going for the gusto, while Pierre was happy slap singling his way to the milestone. Suck on that Frenchy!

Still have no idea what I'm rambling on about? This is WSBGMs 2000th post bitches! I know nobody really cares, including co-author Corey, but nevertheless I felt the need to point it out and celebrate it. Yeah!

Now, onto the Phillies.

This team is broken. Broken in the sense that that the offense we're witnessing is the real offense, not just a slump. I pointed out all the pitfalls of this lineup before the season and was heckled in the comments section by being labeled "stupid", "vagina", "retard", "dick", and even made one guy "sick". I'm not going to gloat because it appears I'm right; being right in this case is a bad thing. I just want people to realize this team isn't being handed the NL East or a World Series appearance. They're going to have to score runs to win games, and 3 or 4 runs half the time isn't going to be enough. I'm not giving up on the season. I do believe this team is still playoff destined. I'm just being real.

Main Reasons for Concern:
*Power outage- the Phillies are near the bottom of the NL in extra base hits. They have scraped together a measly 27 doubles, 1 triple, and 11 homeruns. Get used to it, because Werth is gone, Utley is hurt, Ibanez sucks, and the rest of the lineup aside from Howard just doesn't seem all that capable of generating power anymore.

*Middle relief- pushing Contreras to the 9th leaves a gaping hole in the 7th inning, one that the Phillies have been unable to plug to this point. Bastardo seems decent enough, but Manuel continues to use Baez Sucks, the recently DL'd Romero, and other trash in those situations.

Questionable Roster Residents:
*I'm befuddled with the redundancy of Pete Orr and Michael Martinez. I understand the need for a utility infielder since our normal UTL is currently starting at 2nd base (Valdez). Carrying two of these on the roster is just dumb. Martinez sucked in the minors. He's 28, very little upside, if any at all. Let him go! Bring up Ronnie Belliard (AAA #'s- .357/.973), who has also had experience and success as a MLB bench player in the recent past. With the offense struggling, the Phils need some real pinch hit threats that might actually produce.

*David Herndon and Kyle Kendrick are far too hittable. The Phils need some bullpen options that have the ability to miss bats (ahem- Michael Stutes). KK is the longman, but what use is a longman that doesn't get the job done? And what use is a pitcher (Herndon) that allows 84 runners per inning?

Well, I can't end our 2000th post on a sour note, so I'll pep things up with this...

*Please leave hate mail in comments section below.


GM-Carson said...

This offense isn't good. What we're seeing now is what we'll get for the majority of the season. Ibanez might bounce back, but in my opinion he's finished. He's an all around burden on this team right now (offensively, defensively, and financially).

It's not all Raul's fault though. J-Roll's premier days are far behind him. Victorino's impatience to wait for good pitches is becoming his hallmark. Francisco is a 4th outfielder, not a regular.

I'm not saying the Phils won't win or make the playoffs. I think they will to both, but all the excitement of having an awesome rotation is going to be zapped by the fact this offense is likely in the middle of the pack or bottom 3rd of the league when all is said and done and the bullpen just isn't very good.

ripjgarcia said...

You are correct that the bullpen isn't overall very good. Contreras, Madson, and Bastardo now that he seems to have a little more control are the only quality guys there. Kendrick should not be in the bullpen. He should either be in Triple A or pitching on some other teams staff as a number 5.

Baez Sucks. Don't even need to say anything.

I gave Zagurski that inning. Fail.

Romero is washed up, and Herndon makes sure almost every batter gets good contact which spells doom in the long run.

GM-Carson said...

I have Narveson in the WSBGMs Phantasy League, so of course the Phils will light him up today.

Bob D said...

Zags ok need to see more of him yet to determine, but he was lights out in the minors. Baez Sucks not very valuable except for mop up (which Charlie doesn't use him as). Madson, Contreras and Bastardo are all pitching well this year. Kendrick seems to do better as a starter - so send him to another team. Herndon send him down! Romero was doing ok but his control always seems to be an issue. He has good stuff but he doesn't throw it over the plate enough.

So get rid of Herndon and Kendrick and give Stutes and Mathieson a shot

ripjgarcia said...

Any lefty can be successful in the minors and not translate. Remember the R.J. Swindell experiment? Zagurski has 34 major league games with a 6.91 ERA and and a 1.77 WHIP is enough evidence for me.

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