Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh-for-47, Chooch's Back, Oswalt @ Royal Wedding, Scalding Polly, Brown Rehab, Rolling Mets & Bad Behavior

The combination of Raul Ibanez (0-25) and Carlos Ruiz (0-22) have zero hits in their last 47 at bats. Seeing that they occupy the 6 and 7 holes in the lineup; it explains much of the Phillies offensive woes.

Chooch's Back
Let me do a T-Mac style segue here...speaking of Ruiz, Chooch was forced out of the game yesterday with back pain. He will be checked by team doctors today in Philadelphia. DL stint is possible (my pessimistic speculation). That leaves the team with Brian Schneider who has only 2 hits in 23 at bats (.087 AVG) on the 25-man roster. Erik Kratz, Dane Sardinha, and Tuffy Gosewisch are possible call-ups should Chooch be out for an extended period of time.

Oswalt @ Royal Wedding
The Phillies released this statement regarding Roy Oswalt's leave from the team- "There has been a tremendous amount of tornado activity near Roy’s home in Mississippi resulting in several tragic deaths and significant devastation to the area. Because of this, Roy is concerned about his family’s well-being. He has chosen to take time to make sure there wasn’t significant damage to his home, but more importantly, to make certain that his wife and children are okay. It is almost a year to the day that his parents’ home was destroyed by a tornado which has heightened his concern about the current situation. We are hopeful that he will rejoin the team for his next start, but will take that day by day."

Funny thing, I heard rumors he was attending the Royal Wedding in England tomorrow. It is a little known fact that Prince William and Roy are hunting buddies. They go deer hunting when William is state side and on fox hunts when Roy visits England.

In all seriousness, I hope Roy's family is safe and house is okay. Those were some seriously wicked and devastating storms that rolled through the South recently. In fact PA got hit with them earlier this morning.

Scalding Polly
Placido Polanco has long been proclaimed as the best 2-hole hitter in all of baseball due to his ability to put the ball in play and seemingly hit it in the direction of his choosing. Well, he's not only putting the ball in play, those balls are falling and finding holes for base knocks. Polly is currently the 2nd best hitter for average in the Majors (.389), and his 37 hits are also tied for 2nd. Impressive for a 35 year old coming off elbow surgery and a banged up spring training.

Brown Rehab
It has been hashed out on Phils blogs recently- Raul Ibanez kinda sucks. What to do? How about inserting a young stud outfielder into the lineup in the form of Dominic Domonic Dominique Brown, who just happened to go 2-4 with a homerun in his first rehab game for Clearwater yesterday. A healthy, confident, and competent Brown could inject some energy into the lineup and give Manuel options for match-ups by rotating Ibanez, Mayberry, Francisco, and Brown based on the starting pitcher.

Rolling Mets
Who is the hottest team in baseball right now? The Mets. I shit you not. The New York Metropolitans are winners of 6 straight and are ready to roll up into The Brick Cit House and make a statement against the Phils this weekend. The magic is coming from the return of Jason Bay, as they haven't lost since he's been activated from the DL.

Bad Behavior
Former Phillies reliever (1989-1991) and current Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell is in trouble for allegedly making gay slurs, using foul language, and lewd acts with a bat. McDowell yelled at three male fans in the bleachers, asking them "are you a homo couple or a threesome?" and later made inappropriate gestures with a bat. When Justin Quinn (the source) protested that his girls were present, McDowell allegedly said "Kids don’t belong at the f*****g ballpark," and threatened Quinn, asking "How much do you think your teeth are worth?" The family also claims they witnessed McDowell tell the group of male fans, "Are you three giving it to each other in the ass?" Wow, that's some bad behavior.

Rangers minor leaguer, Engel Beltre, has been suspended for throwing a trashcan at fans in the stands during an ugly incident where the same fans were chucking water bottles at the players following a loss at the Double-A game in San Antonio. Throwing water bottles is a no-no for fans, but losing your composure and retaliating by hurling a trashcan into the stands only makes it worse. Bad behavior all around.


ripjgarcia said...

Losing Chooch's game calling ability far outweighs any offensive contribution.

Corey said...

who gives a shit about the phillies with that awesome roger mcdowell story. what a douche. he needs to apologize to all involved for talking like a jackass in front of children, but...

that family should shut the fuck up and go home. they hired celebrity attorney gloria allred? why? the man from fresno who went to a game in frisco holds a press conference in LA? they want money out of this or something? then, even though the incident was apparently so traumatizing, the dumbass dad gets up in front of the children (who are being used like pawns in front of cameras to be broadcast all over the net/tv in some weird, useless sideshow) and re-creates the bat-penetrating-fingers routine. it was so bad the first time, don't do it again in front of your children for the sole purpose of creating a spectacle for the cameras. go to deadspin to see the extremely freaky video.

ripjgarcia said...

I'm not sure whether that guy wants to bust out laughing or vomit. Seriously though, that is about the most retarded thing I've set my eyes on in a while.

GM-Carson said...

Braves seem to have a problem with gays and such...remember John Rocker?

GM-Carson said...

Blanton to the DL with a tender elbow, Worley called up for the start tomorrow.

Good for Worley, bad for Blanton.

Preserve Jon said...

Held together by chewing gum and duct tape.

Ladies and gentleman your 2011 Phillies!

GM-Carson said...

Wow, things get worse for Atlanta. Derek Lowe arrested on a DUI.

What the hell is up with all these MLB players driving drunk. You make millions, call a cab or hire a personal driver.

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