Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Meet Joe Blanton

The forgotten member of the starting staff by the media has a lifetime .641 winning percentage as a Phillie (25-14 in 73 games). Joe Blanton is a great asset as a 5th starter, and a beloved member of the team. He's durable and relatively consistent. He's built to last standing 6'3" and tipping the scales at 245 pounds (that's after a 2 day fast and sauna session). However, he gets poked at more than the Pillsbury Doughboy because of his *chubbiness*. Tonight he looks to get the Phils back to their winning ways against the Mets. So don't disrespect on GI Joe, or he'll be gunning for you.

* = I could pass as homeboy's twin if I grew a goatee, seeing as I'm nearly the same size and build as Heavy B.


GM-Carson said...

Bad feeling about this game. Too many runners left on base by the Phils and now Blanton turned into a turd.

GM-Carson said...

I'm not just saying this because of these 2 games, I thought this prior to the season- the Mets are a lot better than people think. They're not a playoff team, but they could easily be .500 or slightly better.

GM-Carson said...

Bullpen gonna be gassed after the craptastic Hamels and Blanton starts. Doc needs to get surgical tomorrow and slice the Mets up for 9 strong.