Saturday, April 09, 2011

Focus on the Positives

Here at WSBGMs we're known for our rosy outlook on the Phillies and life in general. Sure, Cliff Lee got lit up more than the night sky on the 4th of July by the Phils main competition in the NL East in the form of the Braves, but that doesn't matter. It was only 1 game. Dissect it anyway you want, there are 162 of them in a season, so redemption is always just around the corner. Phils are 5-2 and looking good, so lets focus on the positives.

*Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt haven't shit the bed yet.

*Antonio Bastardo is a K-machine (9 K in 4.2 IP).

*Kyle Kendrick is taking well to the long relief role.

*Brad Lidge is out until the All-Star break, so he won't be blowing saves until post-July.

*Baez Sucks wants his named legally changed back to Danys. He's appeared in 4 games without surrendering a run. That's gotta be some sorta record.

*Ryan Howard got engaged to a smokin' Eagles cheerleader.

*The offense is doing well overall- .337/.852 and 46 R in 7 games.

*Today Roy2 scales the hill against rookie Brandon Beachy of the Braves. Phils win 6-3. Bet on it.

*Jason Giambi recorded a Howard yesterday to keep pace for 1 Howard per day.