Friday, April 22, 2011

Amaro Celebrates Earth Day

What better way to save the Earth than rid the Phillies of David Herndon and Michael Martinez? Memo to Kyle Kendrick- watch out, you're next.

Other Stuff:
*Roy Oswalt's back is fine and he continues to be exceptional in a Phillies uniform: 10-1, 17 G, 106.2 IP, 94:27 K:BB, 1.77 ERA, 0.89 WHIP.

*Ryan Howard struck out 4 times yesterday, 3 of them coming against Padres starter Mat Latos, who he is now 0-8 against with 8 K's. Damn!

*Raul Ibanez is old. In case you didn't know. He's also pretty bad. Once again, stated for the slight chance you didn't already know.

*Cole Hamels is going to feel at home tonight in Sandy-Eggo, since that was his home growing up. Duh! Career at Petco Park: 2-1, 4 G, 28.2 IP, 1.54 ERA, 0.73 WHIP, 18:2 K:BB. Not bad, but could be better...


Ben said...

We could only dream that this would happen. Why the hell have they EVER liked Herndon?

GM-Carson said...

Herndon does not belong on this team. Middle relief is a problem and the solution isn't Herndon, so that Phils should be audition relievers in their farm system for the spot (callup Stutes dipshits!!!).

Also, Martinez makes me more angry. He serves on purpose on this team. He's worthless. Get someone of the bench that at least poses a threat pinch-hitting.

Ben said...

Stutes Is an absolute no brainer in my opinion. He's the only one really ready to bust out.
Baez, Herndon can not perform under pressure it seems. Martinez is a joke. The second utley comes back I will do a snookie cartwheel.

ripjgarcia said...

Here's a good question. What do you do with Worley? He's really proving himself in AAA and has already proven he can pitch to major leaguers in the cup of coffee he had last year.

Ben said...

Trade Raul and Kendrick for a stud outfield bat. WHo the hell knows who will take em...Salary issues, etc. Demote Blanton (another salary issue) to the Penn, and bring Worley to the 5th spot. Or leave Blanton and replace Worley with Kendrick, Done. Penn combo/trio in 7th, Madson 8th, Contreras 9th. I hate Blanton, but he's better than Kendrick. I think Worley is going to be great at some point.

C.M.R. said...

that sounds great and all but what about DELWYN YOUNG???

GM-Carson said...

Worley goes to the rotation should someone go on the DL. He's also, unfortunately, probably trade fodder.

I'd love to see the Phils deal Blanton for something, anything and get a bit of salary relief. But for now, none of that is going down.

GREG said...

What makes anyone think teams want
Ibanez or even give us some player
of worth with Herndon or Kendrick involved in a trade?
Teams want high rated young players,Brown,Worley or Singleton.
Phillies Ed Wade could be looking
at more possible trades like Hunter
Pence,Jon Jay or jeff Francouer.

GM-Carson said...

Nobody wants Ibanez, unless it's off waivers and the Phils are paying everything but league minimum.

I could see KK having some value, but probably only for a relief pitcher, and not a good one at that.