Sunday, April 03, 2011

3 Days, 4 Howards

The 2011 MLB season has just gotten underway, but we're already on a record setting pace for The Howard. Refresher- The Howard is any time a player hits a homerun, strikes out, and commits an error in the same game. Just 3 days into the season and there have been 4 Howards performed (see left sidebar for culprits). Howards in 2009- 111, 2010- 112. Could we possibly see those figures doubled this year? Also, remember to root for The Howard by a Phillie, because they won all 8 contests in which that was done last year.

First Homerun?
2 games, 24 hits, nary a longball. Who hits the Phillies first homerun of 2011?


*The Phillies released Matt Anderson from his minor league deal yesterday. No offense to the former #1 overall pick, but this was inevitable.

*Cliff Lee loves Philly- “These fans have a knack for getting a little louder than everyone else. I don’t what it is. I don’t know if it’s alcohol induced or what, but they definitely have a knack for getting really loud and supporting their team.”

*Shane Victorino left the game with a sore calf, but it appears to be nothing serious. However, it would be smart to sit him today, so he can get 2 days rest (tomorrow is an off day), before the series against the Mets starts on Tuesday.

*Philadelphia experienced its 138th straight sellout at home on Saturday night. That run includes postseason games.

*Roy2 gets the start today against his ex-mates. He'll be opposed by Bud Norris, Chuck's nephew. I expect a big game by Oswalt, double digit K's, the win, the sweep.

*And I leave you with this...


GM-Carson said...

What the hell is Michael Martinez doing on this team, let alone starting and batting leadoff today?

Should have started Gload in RF and Francisco in CF today. Or, should have kept Delwyn Young instead of Mini-Mart altogether.

He's 28 and was never any good in the minors. Why are we trying to keep him? Manuel has nothing but great stuff to say about him. I just don't get it.

GM-Carson said...

Phillies also released Dan Meyer from his minor league contract.

GM-Carson said...

Welp, there's the 1st homerun of the 2011 season. Thank you Ryan Howard!

3-0 Phils.

Like Charlie Sheen- winning.

GM-Carson said...

Benny Fran with homerun #2 of the season for the Phightins. They quickly made today's poll obsolete.

Matty said...

7th inning. Here comes the bullpen. The game ain't over yet.

GM-Carson said...

This has been a good series for the Phils. A come from behind win on Friday. An overall dominating win from start to finish yesterday and the same so far today. A sweep is a sweet way to start the season.

The Astros are a shit team though, please do remember.

GM-Carson said...

Why the hell is Kyle Kendrick a reliever? I know I'm not a MLB scout, talent evaluator, or coach, but his stuff doesn't seem to translate well to the bullpen.

GM-Carson said...

Win #3!


Bob D said...