Sunday, March 27, 2011

When They Went- WSBGMs Draft Results

WSBGMs Phantasy Baseball League 5's draft was this past Wednesday night, and I thought you might like to know when some of your favorite Phillies went.

1st Round:
Ryan Howard- Dick Allen Thumpers
Roy Halladay- Suck My Bocock

2nd Round:
Cliff Lee- furiousBall

3rd Round:
Cole Hamels- Dick Allen Thumpers
Jimmy Rollins- Diamond Gems

4th Round:
Chase Utley- Godisawoman

5th Round:
Shane Victorino- Dick Allen Thumpers

6th Round:
Roy Oswalt- Dick Allen Thumpers

11th Round:
Brad Lidge- Harry Kalas Cialis

12th Round:
Placido Polanco- Jobu's Rum

14th Round:
Ryan Madson- Harry Kalas Cialis

19th Round:
Raul Ibanez- Dick Allen Thumpers

20th Round:
Carlos Ruiz- Dick Allen Thumpers

21st Round:
Domonic Brown- SheLikesMySizemore

24th Round:
Ben Francisco- Jobu's Rum

Believe it or not, this is a 16 team league. I know that's difficult to fathom given Dick Allen Thumpers drafted a team almost composed entirely of Phillies. Not sure if that's the best strategy. Guess we'll see.

Other Team Names:
*Yuengling Lagers
*7 Month Halladay
*Coyote Utley
*Lisa Leslie's Lads
*Phillies Bandwagon
*bumpin' utleys


GM-Carson said...

Halladay 3 shutout innings and a 2-rbi single. He's ready for Opening Day.

SirAlden said...

And your call yourselves Phillies Phans! 7 Phightin's on the Dick Allen Thumpers.

Ryan Howard 1B
Raul Ibanzez LF
Shane Victorino CF
Carlos Ruiz C

Cole Hamels SP
Roy Oswalt SP

Jose Contreras RP (Picked up on waivers)

Last year in the 2010 WSBGM's League I made it to the World Series - losing to Jobu's Rum and his Buzzsaw Troy Tulowitzki's 15! September HR's!!!

Last year I had 6 Phillies on my 2010 World Series Squad.

Ryan Howard 1B
Shane Victorino CF

Roy Halladay SP
Cole Hamels SP
Brad Lidge RP
Ryan Madson RP

Maybe the so called Phillies Phans in the 2011 League should have been more confident in our Phils.

Nice 1st Round Pick up GM Carson!