Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Utley's Diagnosis

Phillies team physician, Michael Ciccotti, has diagnosed Chase Utley's injury as petaller tendinitis, chondromalacia, and bone inflammation following a second MRI. Phillie athletic trainer Scott Sheridan and GM Ruben Amaro Jr. spoke with reporters this morning in Clearwater and said that they're researching specialists and options for treatment, but are attempting to go the non-operative route. They reiterated that the pain is too severe for Utley to play on it.

Dr. GM-Carson's diagnosis...Oh Funky Butt Lovin' Shiitake Mushrooms!


GM-Carson said...

From and article on about why the Phils may struggle this year:
"I’m on record as saying that Ryan Howard is the single most overrated player in baseball -- and no, it’s not because I’m a Phillies-hater. He’s just not that good. While no one can deny Howard’s tremendous power, he doesn’t bring that much else to the table. Howard’s RBI totals are inflated due to the lineup in which he hits; he’s a poor defender as evidenced by advanced metrics like UZR and DRS; and he’s one of the worst (if not the worst) baserunner in the game, as evidenced by Baseball Prospectus’s Equivalent Base Running Runs (EqBRR) metric.

To make matters worse, Howard seems as if he could be suffering from some serious age-related regression. Last season, he produced career worst marks in home runs, RBI, SLG, ISO, BB%, HR/FB ratio, UZR and WAR. While Howard only recently turned 31 years old, it’s certainly possible he could return to form this season. Still, it’s at this age when players with his body type and skill set tend to experience severe and occasionally sudden declines in performance. Howard fits the classic description of a player with “old man skills.” For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, allow me to explain. He’s a true three outcome hitter (walks, home runs and strikeouts) who neither runs the bases nor defends his position well. A few classic examples of such players are Mo Vaughn, David Ortiz, Richie Sexton, Travis Hafner, Cecil Fielder and Carlos Pena. Looking at that list, I’m sure you can see why I’ve included Howard’s ability to bounce back as one of the Phillies’ most pressing questions going into the season. Considering Raul Ibanez’s advanced age, Utley’s lingering knee injury and Rollins' decline in performance, the Phillies desperately need Howard to rebound in 2011 to have a serious shot at contending for a title."

GM-Carson said...

Reading all the stuff about Utley's injury on has me feeling that he may be missing significant time this season. The fact that "missing the season" continues to surface as a question/possibility scares me. Wilson Valdez is better than Eric Bruntlett, but that's not saying much. We're screwed without Utley because this offense is already in decline.