Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Stat Leaders

What do spring training stats mean? Not too damn much considering the competition for the better half of the games is minor leaguers. Doing well in spring, regardless of the level of pitching or batters, is always a good thing though. With that in mind, it should be noted John Mayberry Jr. and Wilson Valdez are having excellent springs. Will that translate into regular season success? Doubtful. Why'd I do this post? Just want to get Corey to rant. Anyway, the following are Phillies represented in the Top 20 of all MLB in spring stats.

At Bats
8t. Jimmy Rollins- 54
13t. John Mayberry Jr.- 51

11t. Wilson Valdez- 18

2t. Shane Victorino- 7

2t. Pete Orr- 3

2t. John Mayberry Jr.- 5
9t. Ryan Howard- 4

17t. John Mayberry Jr.- 11

Stolen Bases
16t. John Mayberry Jr.- 4

13t. Delwyn Young- 13

7t. Danys Baez, Roy Halladay, Dan Meyer- 2

Innings Pitched
1. Joe Blanton- 22
18t. Cole Hamels- 17.1

10t. Cole Hamels- 8

12t. Cole Hamels- 16
20t. Cliff Lee- 14

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GM-Carson said...

Halladay is such a beast he went 8 innings in a spring game. Love him!

Ben said...

i absolutely couldn't believe how good he looked. He paints the corners and works unlike any pitcher I've seen. It's crazy.