Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Cleaning

*Chase Utley has finally started to respond positively to treatment on his f'd up knee. According to Rube he's making "baby steps", but that's better than nothing. Opening Day is still a long-shot and DL looks likely. Sidebar- have you ever wondered about the term baby steps? Babies crawl and once they actually start stepping aren't they referred to as toddlers?

*John Mayberry Jr. is batting .353/1.200 with 3 doubles, 4 homeruns, 6 runs, 9 rbi, and 2 stolen bases.

*Double play machinist (on D and O) Wilson Valdez is batting a cool .500 this spring (12-24).

*Ryan Madson got 6 outs yesterday and all came via the mighty K.

*Baez Sucks hasn't allowed a run yet this spring in 5.1 innings (this excludes his B game debacle). Neither has Roy Halladay, so I guess they're equals right?

*A trio of troublesome springs to keep an eye on- Jimmy Rollins (.216/.527), Placido Polanco (.212/.520) and Brad Lidge (9.00 ERA/2.00 WHIP).

*Darth Santana is likely out for the season. Ah shucks!

*Bryce Harper has been optioned to minor league camp.

*There's a lot of hurting players out there.

*Looking forward to seeing where my Bucknell Bison get seeded in the NCAA tourney today.


furiousBall said...

I'm still curious to see what Cholly will do with the line-up this year (with or without Chase). I want to know who's hitting second and who protects Howard.

Matty said...

We all know that what you do in spring training, in general, is no indicator of your performance during the regular season. That being said, I am and always will be concerned about Lidge.

GM-Carson said...

Lidge threw 20 pitches the other day and 19 of them were fastballs because he said he needs to work on it. He can apparently locate his slider "on a dime", but it's the fastball that needs the fine tuning.

Dr. Steve said...

Polanco's numbers are concerning, but he is a player I always have faith in.

Jimmy Rollins should, uh, leave the team. I am done with that guy. I would rather use Valdez, I trust his defense more, and he at least gets clutch hits. Sometimes they're double plays, but he at least works the count.