Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scouting the NL East

Atlanta Braves:
Record: 11-6
Bats: .267
Arms: 2.66
Jason Heyward continues to miss time due to a bad back. Rookie Freddie Freeman is being handed the 1st base job, and he's playing like he deserves it. Chipper Jones is playing like he's healthy, but we all know he'll come up gimp in the next month. Derek Lowe, Tim Hudson, Mike Minor, and Tommy Hanson have been nearly untouchable this spring, giving up only 5 runs between the 4 of them in 32 innings.

Florida Marlins:
Record: 5-12
Bats: .257
Arms: 5.51
Young stud slugger Michael Stanton is still hobbled by a bad hammy. Josh Johnson is sporting a 10.00 ERA. Greg Dobbs is batting .450 (9-20). It's also rumored the Fish draw more at their spring training games than they do during the regular season...ouch.

New York Mets:
Record: 8-9
Bats: .272
Arms: 3.93
Manger Terry Collins has asked for Luis Castillo's release with no real insurance plan at 2nd base. Ollie Perez is about to get the Adam Eaton treatment too. David Wright is only 2-20 this spring and his butt-buddy in crime Jose Reyes isn't doing much better. In other news Carlos Beltran has conceded the CF gig to the more able-bodied Angel Pagan and has taken on RF instead.

Philadelphia Phillies:
Record: 13-7
Bats: .278
Arms: 3.99
Placido Polanco hyper-extended his elbow today, the same one he had surgery on this offseason. He says it's not bad, but you know he's lying. Just like Brad Lidge is lying about his sore bicep being nothing to worry about. The man is DL bound. Remember when Chase Utley's knee was just minor aches and pains from spring drills? Yeah, calling bullshit on that one too.

Washington Nationals:
Record: 10-6
Bats: .282
Arms: 3.70
Phenom Byrce Harper was sent to minor league camp despite hitting .389. Mike Morse seems like a man on a mission to win the LF job, clubbing 5 homeruns so far this spring. Keep an eye on Jordan Zimmermann, who is now healthy and yet to allow a run through 11 innings. How's the Werth fella doing you ask...well, he's 4-24 with 7 corkscrew strikeouts.


SirAlden said...

Atlanta if things line up could 'SMACK' us.

Let's pool our money and buy 25% of the Mutts so Carson and Corey can run a team. I suggest they move the team to Aardmore and call them the "Aardvarks"

ripjgarcia said...

8 different players assumed the role of DH for the Blue Jays today.

GM-Carson said...

The more injuries that pile up for the Phils, the more I like the Braves chances of surprising people and winning the NL East.

The Phils lineup without Utley and Werth is not a good lineup.