Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Meals on Wheels

*Video courtesy of I Don't Give a Schmidt.

As some of you may recall, Chris Wheeler has been the subject of past WSBGMs blog posts...mostly bad.

*Baseball according to Chris Wheeler
*List of Wheelerisms
*Chris Wheeler as Jar-Jar Binks
*Me and Wheels are apparently BFFs
*Embrace your inner-Wheeler
*Wheeles- Child Advocate


ripjgarcia said...

At least Wheels > McCarver

GM-Carson said...

Yes, Wheels is better than McCarver and Tim Buck.

GM-Carson said...

Dom Brown 0-3 today with 2 more K's.

Spring training stats can be pretty meaningless. Unless of course you're a rookie who struggled in your late season callup, then struggled even worse in winter ball, then struggled even worse than that to start spring training. Then spring training stats DO matter.

Anonymous said...

don't understand the Wheels hatred. Yeah, he says some stupid shit but who doesn't. I've had the displeasure of listening to other teams broadcasters and it's painful. I'd rather LA be on the TV broadcast but Wheels does have a vast knowledge of baseball and does a great job considering how much they have to talk each day. We all miss Whitey + HK but dumping on Wheels isn't going to change anything.

GM-Carson said...

I actually don't hate Wheels, just highly annoyed with some of the stupid stuff he says...but he is human after all. He's okay. LA would be great to have in the tv booth, but the Phils are too scared to do that because of what he might say.