Sunday, March 20, 2011

Luis Castillo to be a Phillie

Hated him when he was a Met or a Marlin, that's fine, but you better love that slap hitting 2nd baseman now because the Phillies are set to sign Luis Castillo. The contract is rumored to be of the minor league variety, but either way the Mets are on the hook for all but the MLB minimum of Castillo's 2011 salary. This is a no risk move that has potential upside. Josh Barfield and Pete Orr were signed to minor league contracts for a reason...they're nothing more than minor leaguers. Michael Martinez was left unprotected in the Rule 5 draft by the Nationals for a reason...he's not worth protecting. With Utley's injury and Wilson Valdez likely inserted into the lineup, the bench needs another infielder, so roll out the red carpet for Luis Castillo.

Castillo is a switch hitter with a career line of .290/.368/.351, with 1001 R, 1889 H, and 370 SB. His defense is average at best, but he has hit .291 or better in 8 out of the last 10 seasons. If he hits like Juan Castro the Phils just release him. If he proves to be a valuable bench asset, then they keep him around. It's really just that simple. Sure Michael Young would have been a sexier pickup, but even with the Rangers eating half of the $48M owed to him over the next 3 years, it's not worth it. Hopefully a combination of Castillo and Valdez at 2nd is good enough to not lose the Phillies games in Chase's absence...and hopefully Chase's absence isn't too long.

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Bob D said...

I could have filled the spot for half the price: no hit - check, no field - check, no speed - check. But I can make a mean shaving creme pie

Aaron said...

Here's what I like about Castillo. 1 is he comes cheap.
Last year he was hurt so the last time he played a full season was 2009. In 2009 his OBP was .387. which is exactly what Utleys OBP was last year and only 1 point lower than J Werths.
The Phillies pitching is fantastic. The offense without Utley and Werth will suck. If the Phils are going to win this year it's going to be manufacturing runs they are going to have to win a lot of 2-1, 1-0 type games.
So a guy like Castillo who will draw walks steal a base here and there and lay down some bunts has value.

GM-Carson said...

It's easy to hate on Castillo because of that horrible dropped pop-up and the fact that he got released from the Mets, but I like the idea of bringing him aboard. If he sucks, just release him.

Anonymous said...

if the games on tv ill be in the picnic area down the left field line today!

furiousBall said...

I actually loved him as a Marlin - he and Pierre were the nastiest 1,2 hitters that played the game well. But I detest this decision and I am rooting hard against this scumbag from making my ballclub.

Why? Diminishing skills and blown knees? Nope.

Because my late grandfather was a WWII and Korean War vet and those vets that fight for our country deserve better than some asshat like this that refused to attend a visit to Walter Reed because he didn't want to be traumatized by seeing injured soldiers.

This guy epitomizes everything that athletes should not be, eff this guy. As a single dad doing his best to take care of two young kids and a fiancee with a seizure disorder, it kills me to see human beings act like this.

Really Luis? It would have been too tough for you to smile and shake hands with a couple of men and women that are tougher than you could ever hope to be for probably a couple hours? That's sad.