Thursday, March 03, 2011

Brown, Utley, NCAA & Halladay

Domonic Brown is a highly touted prospect (Baseball America ranks: #48 in '09, #15 in '10, and #4 in '11) and will eventually be a productive MLB player. I stress eventually, because it appears the 23 year old is confused at the plate right now, taking called strike 3's and aimlessly flailing. Scouts have noted that his hands are in a different position during nearly every plate appearance. Couple that with the constant media scrutiny and burden of filling Werth's shoes and it's no wonder that he'd be feeling the pressure. Spring training stats are largely meaningless. Unless you're a rookie coming off a lackluster debut at the end of the season, a dreadful showing in winter ball, and an atrocious start to the spring (0-12, 8 K's). Brown might need to regain some confidence and get his mechanics back on track in Triple-A to start the year. I'm rooting for this kid, because the Phillies need to start getting younger and cheaper, and RF and Brown is the place to start.

The Phillies brass can downplay this injury all they want; the bottom line is Utley is not 100% and this is something that will likely linger having an adverse effect on his play/production. Utley has been trending downward over the past few seasons at the plate in terms of OPS, and he seems to be always banged up. He's an essential cog in the lineup that is needed to score runs, because no matter how great the pitching staff is they still need something to work with. Wilson Valdez might be great with the glove, but his bat is nothing compared to Chase's. A hobbled Utley could be the domino that starts the panic of the Phils playoff aspirations. I'm not trying to make a mountain out of a molehill, but the injury report for Utley has gone from a page of a notebook to a full-blown novel over the past few seasons and it's starting to frighten me.

Fantasy NCAA Tournament:
WSBGMs NCAA Tournament Pick 'Em league is open for registration. It's through Yahoo and the Group ID # is 8850 and password- phillies. Join now!!!


Halladay is awesome and so is that stuffed Chooch.


Maria said...

Did you guys already start your fantasy league?

GM-Carson said...

Baseball- nope. Registration still going on right now. Still 7 slots open.

GM-Carson said...

Hamels was sharp today- 4 ip, 3 k, only 1 hit and 1 walk.

Brown 0-2 so far today. Ouch!

Maria said...

7 slots open for the NCAA bracket?

Dom Brown is a hack, so everyone wants us to believe. He's making Ben Francisco's case for RF a lot easier.

GM-Carson said...

BenFran is hitting the ball well in the early going here too.

Maria- there's unlimited slots for the NCAA fantasy league.

Maria said...

Where do I go to register for your fantasy league?

GM-Carson said...

Maria- the info was in the post. "WSBGMs NCAA Tournament Pick 'Em league is open for registration. It's through Yahoo and the Group ID # is 8850 and password- phillies. Join now!!!"

GM-Carson said...

Phils pitched a 1-hitter against the BoSox. Dom Brown 0-3 with a K, now 0-15 with 9 K's on the spring.

Nikole said...

Dom Brown needs to play in the minors for a while.

Utley is going to start the year on the DL. Then come off the DL for a while and not play very well. The Phillies as an organization will pretend his knee is fine for a while longer and then they will have the traditional 2nd MRI which will reveal some torn something or other in the knee and he will have surgery. He will come back in Mid August earlier than expected and then not play very well because he will have come back too soon.

GM-Carson said...

Thanks for the positive outlook Nikole.