Monday, February 28, 2011

Werth Hates the Phillies- Do You Care?

"I hate the Phillies too."
~Jayson Werth

The shaggy haired bearded Jesus wannabe Jayson Werth proclaimed his hatred for the Phillies this weekend. To be fair, this was said following a batting practice session in which GM Frank Rizzo initiated the notion by saying "I hate the f**king Phillies." Also, it wasn't an official statement made to a reporter either, it was merely on-field banter. However, this on the heels of sulking to reporters about how the Phillies could have had both him and Cliff Lee on the same team if they wanted to.

Charlie Manuel's reaction to Werth verbal venom:

So, Fuqua doesn't give a Fuq about it, do you?


Jeffrey Wittwer said...

He's going to hate playing for the 5th place team even more.

GM-Carson said...

And he'll be facing the Phils 18 times a season and even at Nationals Park it will seem like a Phils home game when the Phils are in town. He's in for a ton of boos.

GM-Carson said...

The Phils were strike throwing machines today aside from Juan Perez.

Halladay- 14/10
J. Sanchez- 19/15
Stutes- 14/14
J. Perez- 16/8
Anderson- 5/5
Mathieson- 7/7

Only 16 balls all game, yet the Jays managed 4 walks. Extraordinarily uncanny.

ripjgarcia said...

I see Dominic Brown is off to a fantastic start.. 0-9 with 6 strikeouts.

GM-Carson said...

It's early, but based on what I saw at the end of last season, his winter ball performance, and early spring training results, I am not hopeful for Dom Brown being a productive MLB RF this season.

ripjgarcia said...

I haven't seen any live action yet, but did they do anything with his swing that takes 4 light years to get from shoulder to plate?

Andrew said...

Werth's remarks, although stupid and immature, are just for getting his team, his media, and also Phillies fans a bit worked up. I highly doubt he means it. Although I'm sure he wishes they had paid him. After all, Philly resurrected his dead career, gave him a ring, and also tons of cash. The disappointing thing is hearing Rizzo say something like that. A GM (like all of us) should have more class and not badmouth other teams.

ACSmitty79 said...

Carson you said you were apprehensive about Dom Brown being "all that" last year. I'm hoping with more consistent play he gets it together. ALL the scouts can't be wrong about him...can they?

don't forget our BC fixed his swing.