Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sexy Grapefruit Action

Phillies versus Yankees, it doesn't get sexier than that. Unless of course we're not talking baseball, then I could list a buttload of things (Teletubbies, Rosanne Barr, Miss Piggy, etc.). Anyway, I digress...official Grapefruit League action begins today with the Phils and Yanks facing each other in the warm Florida sunshine (bastards!).

1) Jimmy Rollins, SS
2) Ross Gload, DH
3) Raul Ibanez, LF
4) Ryan Howard, 1B
5) Ben Francisco, CF
6) Domonic Brown, RF
7) Jeff Larish, 3B
8) Brian Schneider, C
9) Wilson Valdez, 2B
SP- Cole Hamels
RP- Vance Worley, Ryan Feierabend, Brian Schlitter and Mike Zagurski

*Chase Utley is still sore from workouts and is being withheld from game action.

*Bartolo Colon starts for the Yankees. If he and CC Sabathia end up in the same rotation that would have to be a new record for girth. They might have to change the name of the mound to the rotunda. Badabum-ching!

*The Chad Durbin Saga has finally ended with him signing with the Indians. He wanted 2 years, more money than past seasons, and to play for a contender. He got none of that. Cleveland sucks and he got only 1 year/$800K. For the second straight year a Phils reliever overplayed their hand and ended up with less (Chan Ho Park last year).

*Line up courtesy of and Colon card borrowed from More Hardball.