Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ready for Semi-Professional Baseball?

You may be asking yourself- Why exactly is today's game considered semi-professional? Well, it's not officially the Phillies Grapefruit League opener (that's not until Saturday against the Yankees), but it is a game against the Florida State Seminoles. Get it: Seminoles...semi-professional. I know- lame! Anyway, most the of the regulars will be facing some peach-fuzzed pimple-faced Noles pitchers, save for J-Roll and Utley. Game time 1:05 at Bright House Networks Field.

Starting 9:
C- Carlos Ruiz
1B- Ryan Howard
2B- Pete Orr
3B- Placido Polanco
SS- Wilson Valdez
LF- Raul Ibanez
CF- Shane Victorino
RF- Dominic Brown
DH- Ben Francisco
SP- Drew Naylor
RP- Eddie Bonine, Juan Perez, Michael Stutes, Michael Schwimer, Justin De Fratus and Scott Mathieson

*Chad Durbin remains unemployed and is likely in panic mode while searching for a job. There's a handful of teams interested in him and the Phils are one of them, albeit on a minor league contract.

*With Adam Wainwright's injury the Cardinals are on the prowl for a starting pitcher...enter Joe Blanton. However, Ruben Amaro assured everyone yesterday that Blanton will be starting for Philly in April.

*WSBGMs NCAA Tournament Pick 'Em league is open for registration. It's through Yahoo and the ID # is 8850 and password- phillies. Join now!!!


furiousBall said...

as a Georgia Tech alumni, I can say that I truly do miss those FSU ladies

ripjgarcia said...

I hear Jimmy gets to gets the day off to be at the White House.

GM-Carson said...

Yep, for some Motown music celebration thing. Must be because of his involvement in the music biz.

Also, Utley is sore and that's why he's being held out of the game.

GM-Carson said...

4-0 Phils in the bottom of the 5th. Yep, the Phils are ready for the World Series.