Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Ranking NL East Center Fielders

The player with the most real estate to cover on the fielder, and today we rank the ones of the NL East.

1. Philadelphia Phillies
Shane Victorino
.259/.756, 84 R, 26 2B, 10 3B, 18 HR, 69 RBI, 34 SB, 3.6 WAR. In the same mold as Jose Reyes in that The Flying Hawaiian does a bit of everything (not to mention anger the competition with his antics). His 3 straight Gold Gloves are nice to have up the middle too with J-Roll, Utley, and Chooch.

2. New York Mets
Carlos Beltran
.255/.768 in 255 plate appearances. His prime years are behind him because he's practically playing with no cartilage in his knees, but his bat continues to be a threat. Should probably move to RF at this stage of his career allowing Pagan to patrol CF, but his pride is getting in the way.

3. Florida Marlins/Chris Coghlan (25)
.268/.718, 60 R, 20 2B, 28 RBI, 10 SB, .5 WAR. Sophomore slump got this kid bad (.321/.850 in '09 ROY campaign). His ability to adequately defend CF is a mystery, but the Fish don't really have elsewhere to turn.

4. Washington Nationals/Nyjer Morgan (30)
.253/.633, 60 R, 17 2B, 7 3B, 24 RBI, 34 SB, -1.1 WAR. Anger issues, accused of dirty play, no power, and for a man with his speed, he sure does get caught performing thievery a lot (lead NL with 17 caught stealing in each of '09 and '10).

5. Atlanta Braves/Nat McClouth (29)
.190/.620 in 288 plate appearances. What the hell happened to this former All-Star and Gold Glover? At 29, this is a make or break season for him. Since leaving Pittsburgh he's been atrocious.


GM-Carson said...

Brett Myers has overtaken Bea in the HoF voting.

Bob D said...

I think McClouth is the / will be the 2nd best CF. but he has had those 2 off years.

Phlavio said...

Victorino vs. HEALTHY Beltran... I take Belran. vs. Pagan... I might take Pagan. Nyjer Morgan... might be better than Shane too.

Anonymous said...

oh I see, so Reyes has to "shut up and play the game" and this little twerp who is inferior to both Beltran and Pagan, gets his praise for acting like a queer? trust me It doesn't anger the competition when he waves his hands around like an idiot trying to fake out umps that the ball is caught in the outfield wall while Pagan scores a in-the-park home run. nice try.

GM-Carson said...

Beltran is older, seeing a healthy Beltran may never happen again.

I know Victorino is flamboyant and annoying to the opposition and fans like Reyes...hence the comparison. Ease down cowboy.