Friday, February 18, 2011

Phillies Phlashback Phriday: Attendance

3,300,000 tickets are already sold for the 2011 Philadelphia Phillies season, with 15 games being sellouts. The Phightins are the hottest/toughest ticket in town...suck it Bon Jovi!!! Anyway, this is due to many factors: awesome ball park, winning, and big name players. I know we all loved JA Happ, but he doesn't have the sexiness as Roy Oswalt, Roy Halladay, or Cliff Lee.

Attendance Over Past 2 Decades:
Year- Attendance (NL Rank)
2010- 3,777,322 (1st of 16)
2009- 3,600,693 (2nd of 16)
2008- 3,422,583 (4th of 16)
2007- 3,108,325 (6th of 16)
2006- 2,701,815 (7th of 16)
2005- 2,665,304 (9th of 16)
2004- #3,250,092 (2nd of 16)
2003- 2,259,948 (10th of 16)
2002- 1,618,467 (14th of 16)
2001- 1,782,054 (14th of 16)
2000- 1,612,769 (13th of 16)
1999- 1,825,337 (12th of 16)
1998- 1,715,722 (14th of 16)
1997- 1,490,638 (14th of 14)
1996- 1,801,677 (9th of 14)
1995- *2,043,598 (4th of 14)
1994- *2,290,971 (4th of 14)
1993- 3,137,674 (4th of 14)
1992- 1,927,448 (6th of 12)
1991- 2,050,012 (7th of 12)
1990- 1,992,484 (7th of 12)

# = 1st season in Citizens Bank Park
* = Strike shortened season

The players have spoken about the home field advantage of The Brick Cit House, and it's not because of the homerun factor, it's the fans. Philadelphia fans get labeled many things and have a bad reputation, but ask the current squad how they feel about the 10th man and they'll all echo the same sentiment- they love us!!!


Corey said...

winning. that's where it's at.

a cool ballpark will fill up for a while, then fizzle if the team doesn't win. (see: baltimore)

big name players will fill a park for a while, usually right after the player signs, but if the team isn't winning, the attendance drops.

winning, on the other hand, never gets old.

GM-Carson said...

Agreed, winning is the key ingredient. Citizens Bank Park is like a popular club nowadays with all the youngins that hangout there. Also, the signing of Cliff Lee this offseason added some extra excitement after a bit of a letdown to end the season.

SirAlden said...

I miss the good old days when you could walk up to the box office window and get a ticket for $20 dollars on the 3rd Base side - right at 3rd Base. circa 2001

GM-Carson said...

Hell, when I lived in Philly I went to tons a games on the cheap. $8 seats at the Vet in the 700 Level, but then start working your way down as the game progressed. Good times. Of course the team sucked...

Bob D said...

Ahh I remember those days in the 700 level. fun times. I'm starting to kick myself for not getting tickets yet