Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Phightin' Phils Crossword

2 Best Phillies blog
7 1950 NL MVP
11 Oldest MLB player to ever hit a homerun
12 Franchise brown-noser

1 Joe Table
3 Named after famous Disney character
4 Grand Pappy
5 Fence-Face
6 Arguably Gillick's biggest mistake
8 Shipped with Bowa to Cubs for DeJesus
9 Tug's real 1st name
10 NL's winning pitcher of '94 All Star game

*Use last names unless otherwise noted.


GM-Carson said...

Durbin would accept a minor league contract with the Phillies, reports Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer, "if Durbin's hand is forced because there are no Major League offers on the table." A source tells Gelb that Durbin's agent, Dan Horwits, is negotiating with two teams about Major League contracts but no offers have been made. Gelb also hears that Durbin hopes to make his decision within the next two days.

*BoSox, Rays, Rangers, and Mariners also have interest.

*If Durbin can be had on the cheap $1M or less, then I'm all for bringing him back.

furiousBall said...

hmmm, so 4 down isn't Papa Smurf?

Nikole said...

J Werth says "if the phillies had planned it better they could of had him and Lee."

J Werth is starting to piss me off. choose the money and last made your choice now live with the consequences. Swim in your pile of money like scrooge McDuck all day then go to the ballpark and lose.....this is the path you have choosen now shut your pie hole.

Nikole said...

I really hope Durbin comes back. I think we will miss him more than we think we will if he doesn't come back.

ripjgarcia said...

1. Mesa
7. Konstanty
11. Franco
12. Wheeler
1. Mesa
3. Morandini
4. Moyer
5. Rowand
6. Eaton
8. Sandberg
9. Frank
10. Jones

GM-Carson said...

As Mr. Burns would say- "Excellent".

Anonymous said...

I see that Asshole Scott Barry has been hired fulltime to majors to take the place of Jerry Crawfod who is retiring....

Again Asshole

GM-Carson said...

Scott Barry made a very poor impression in his substitute time last season. Hard to beleive they can't find a more suitable replacement.