Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pay The Man

Charlie Manuel is making $2.4 million managing the Phillies this season but after 2011 his contract expires. Talks are ongoing but Fuqua says that if a deal isn't done before the season starts it will have to wait until the offseason.

Manuel had this to say via Yahoo! sports, "Once the season starts, I don’t want to talk about my contract. Hopefully something happens in spring training, and if not, my extension and contract, I definitely don’t want it to be a distraction for our team."

Rube had this to say, "I’m not going to characterize it, but obviously we want to get it done and have Charlie in our uniform. We’ve been working at this thing since December. So, we’re hopeful we’ll be able to get something done soon."

You've been working on this since December? It's the middle of freaking February. How difficult could these negotiations be?

This should be very simple. Charlie should have the years and money he wants and the Phillies should have the years and money they are willing to give and either they agree on a deal or not. It shouldn't take three months.

Either way, the deal needs to get done this week and the Phils should just give Fuqua what he wants. We're talking about adding at most less than 1% of the team payroll by giving the skipper a raise. Is that amount of money worth the risk of not getting a deal done and having to talk about this all summer? I don't think so.

C'mon Rube, give Fuqua his cash and let's all move on.


ripjgarcia said...

I gotta agree. Managerial negotiations have no business taking this long.

GM-Carson said...

I agree that I want Manuel's contract to be a non-isssue, just like I wish the Pujols and Sabathia things would go away.

However, I don't see why they have to extend him now and pay him so much. Charlie has become an icon in this city and I love him. Readers of this blog know Corey and I weren't fond of Manuel for the first 2 seasons he was here. Anyway, I want him to be the Phils manager going forward, but at what price and years do you draw the line? Let's be honest, many managers out there could lead this Phillies team to the playoffs with the rotation and lineup that they've got. It's not like Fuqua is some sorta miracle worker or master strategist. He's a product of good fortune, much like Joe Torre was for all those years in New York or Terry Francona is now in Boston. Yes, they're all good managers, but they're replaceable.

SirAlden said...


We are talking 2 million more for 2 years 4 million a most. If Charlie is going for Joe Torre Money then no.

If that is the Case, then Rube is doing this correctly and not opening up controversy full bore the way he is doing it now.

SirAlden said...

Can't wait until next years C.C. Sabathia signing by the Phillies.

Mike D. said...

Just remember Ryne Sandberg is the AAA manager for the Phillies organization this year. Also Charlie has lost twice in the playoffs without Jimy Williams by his side, and has made some questionable decisions - going with Blanton instead of Hallady in last year's NLCS, for example. Also Charlie has never been known to be a great in-game manager,so I say play out the year, if they win the world series again then by all means give him a nice contract, but until then.......

ripjgarcia said...

As to the playoffs last year. They ran into a freight train in the form of the S.F. Giants.

As to the world series the year before, the Yankees were the better team.

I don't think Jimy Williams had much to do with that. Unless of course he brought the live chicken for sacrifice.

GM-Carson said...

Rumor has it John Maine will be signing with the Phils soon. I like him as Triple-A backup should a starter go down, because all we have right now is Kendrick and Worley, since Capenter was let go yesterday.

ripjgarcia said...

You never know. A guy like Maine who had some early success might be one of those guys who thrives more outside of New York. It's been known to happen before.