Monday, January 24, 2011

WSBGMs Hall of Fame Ballot

It’s WSBGMs Hall of Fame time. As a reminder, here is how it works. Each year, Carson and I will nominate a few people (players, coaches, ballgirlz, etc.) that have had an impact on the blog. We'll put the nominations up for vote. If the person receives a certain percentage of the vote (which we will arbitrarily change every year to suit our needs), then he will be officially enshrined in the Hall of Fame, which will be less of a hall and more of a widget in the sidebar. As for the rules: 1) a person can only be nominated three times 2) a person cannot be currently playing/coaching/working for Phils to be nominated 3) a reader can vote for more than one person but we ask that you only vote once and 4) I reserve the right to make up more rules later.

In the inaugural vote, Pat Burrell was elected, Steve Jeltz, Abe Nunez and David Bell remained on the ballot, but Rick Schu only received a few votes so he is no longer eligible.

In 2010, Eric Bruntlett was elected. Bea Arthur, Adam Eaton, Steve Jeltz and Brett Myers got enough votes to stay on this year’s ballot. Unfortunately, David Bell, Abe Nunez and Ed Wade will have to hope for a Veterans Committee selection.

So without further adieu, here are this year's nominations, in alphabetical order.

Bea Arthur (29% of votes in 2010) - A long shot to get elected in 2010, the first non-baseball person nominated is back for a second go-round. She and the rest of the “Golden Girls” helped the Phils to an extended winning streak early in the 2009 season and has been mentioned repeatedly, especially when the Phils are struggling. She made such an impact on the team and this blog that she was given a place next to Bowa and Wade in the banner image. Props to Bea.

Adam Eaton (24% in 2010) - The Phillies drafted Eaton 11th overall in 1996. I wish their association with his failures ended there, but sadly he returned to the Phillies in 2007. The Phillies paid Eaton about $24 million and in turn he posted a 14-18 record with a 6.10 ERA. He became the most hated pitcher on this blog (I think Carson even fantasized about beating him up in a parking garage...) and forever will be the standard bearer for disappointing pitching performances. Of course, it also didn't help Eaton's case here that he often didn't think he was pitching that bad, denying his supreme shittyness to the end. When he mercifully left Philadelphia he had this to say, "Granted, there were a lot of horrible games in there, but there were some good ones, too." No, Adam, there weren't, that's why you're still on the ballot.

Steve Jeltz (21% in 2010) - Jeltz is not just another jheri-curled, light-hitting middle infielder, he is the embodiment of the Phillies that Carson and I grew up watching. Sure, Mike Schmidt was the face of the franchise, but Mike Schmidt was good. Hell, he was great. The Phillies were not, however. They sucked. But we loved them anyway. So when I think of the Phils of the late 80's and early 90's, I think of Juan Samuel's unorthodox throws to first, Von Hayes' batter's box spanning stance, and Rich Schu's mustache. I think of Steve Jeltz's jheri curl. So, when we decided to create an outlet for our 25 years of Phillies frustration, naturally the first player pictured was Steve Jeltz. And ever since, he's been our go-to guy. This is the last time Jeltz will be eligible for the Hall…

Brett Myers (21% in 2010) - Here is a rough timeline of Brett’s career with the Phillies - #1 draft pick who was a good starter, then he became a reliever, he got kind of fat, then he asked somebody how to spell “retard,” then he beat his wife in Boston, at some point he pitched the last inning of a playoff clinching game, then he became a starter again, he became less fat, also at some point he got a horrible tattoo on his wrist, then he hurt is hip and finally he became a free agent. I don’t know about you, but that seems pretty HoF worthy to me.

Jayson Werth (1st Nomination) – Four years with the Phillies resulted to four playoff appearances. He made one All-Star game and was top 20 in the MVP balloting twice. He may or may not have destroyed the sanctity of a teammates marriage. But more importantly, he grew a beard last spring that was very enjoyable to look at/write about/photoshop. Remember, Werth beard pics here and here. For this, and possibly this alone, he gets the nomination.

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GM-Carson said...

Vote for Bea!

ripjgarcia said...

Just say no.

Bob D said...

The beard almost had it, but Bea needs to go this year to be enbalmed, I mean enshrined

Andrew said...

gotta go with Bea! Still haven't forgiven Werth for cursing out the fan who caught the foul ball. Not cool JaYson. Not cool.