Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Where to Trade Joe Blanton

To New York Mets for OF Fernando Martinez
Some people might suggest that Rube would not want to trade Joe within the division. Those people are stupid. Immediately stop reading anything written by these people. Rube will trade Blanton to anybody – okay, maybe not Atlanta – to get him off this team and clear that money, especially to that shit-train in New York.

The Mets need pitching. Not only front line pitching, but guys like Blanton too. After Johan, nothing in the rotation is dependable. Pelfrey had his moments and Dickey had a good run. But this year, who knows? New York also loves to spend money and considering the salaries of some of their players, Blanton will look like a pauper. Bad news is, there’s a new GM that probably isn’t as dumb as Omar Minaya.

As for the prospect, Martinez was New York’s number one rated prospect in 2008 and 2009. This year, Baseball America has him number 8 behind three other young outfielders. The bloom is off the rose and with new management in place, they may want to deal Martinez for two reasons: 1) get maximum value and 2) as a symbolic gesture of getting rid of the old regime. He’s only 23 so there is still potential, unless he lied about his age and he’s actually 4 years younger than Miguel Tejada…

To Washington for nothing as long as they take the contract.

Again, a trade within the division. But if team will take the salary…see above.

Washington obviously doesn’t mind overspending for players so Blanton’s salary shouldn’t be a sticking point. And their pitching staff, at least the guys that will pitch this year, doesn’t look great. They need to win some games next year to generate interest within the fan base and to make the team look attractive to free agents in 2012 when the team should improve significantly when Strasburg returns.

To Kansas City plus cash for Wilson Betemit

Zach Greinke? Gone. Brett Saberhagen? Ain’t coming back. Kyle Davies? His 5+ ERA is still there. Long story short, they need pitching. Badly. Joe Blanton is better than what they have. I say that is a match made in heaven.

Betemit is useful (1B, 3B, OF, 2B/SS if needed) and cheap ($1 million this season).

To Chicago Cubs for Jeff Baker

Do you remember a year in the last 10 that the Cubs haven't needed pitching help? I don't either. Blanton could help them and they have cash to afford his salary.

Baker plays a ton of positions and has a career OPS of .908 against lefties. Unfortunately for Baker, that OPS dips to .678 against righties, which is why he'll never get significant playing time with anybody. Fortunately for the Phillies, they have plenty of lefties.

To Pittsburgh plus cash for Steve Pearce
The Pirates, like the Royals, need any sort of pitching.

As for Pearce, he doesn’t fit in well with Pirates. He’s already 28, they don’t give him many at-bats, he won’t ever be a starter there and they already have Lyle Overbay and Garret Jones at first base and many, many backup outfielders. For the Phillies though, he could be very useful. I don’t have his minor league splits but his major league splits lean heavily toward him hitting lefties…only. .929 OPS in 115 at-bats. Perfect! Give him the bench spot over Mayberry and play him once a week in right field against a lefty starter so Francisco can play left for Ibanez.

To Houston for Hunter Pence
At first glance this trade looks silly but consider this: the Astros GM is Ed Wade. See, it all makes sense now...


Bob D said...

trade him for free twinkees given away during fan apperciation night to all fans and we will call it even. Actually a trade for a righthanded super utility guy would be a good fit for the team.

GM-Carson said...

I love the KC deal you proposed. Betemit is a very good athlete that would serve this team well because of his versatility.

Joseph said...

I had an arguement with a buddy on New Years Day about Cole Hamels he said he would be an Ace on all but 5 teams in all of baseball. I said B.S. he wouldn't be an ACE on half the teams, but could only come up with about 9 teams. Any help would be appreciate since I despise Cole Hamels

GM-Carson said...

Cole Hamels would be the ace of the following:
1. Blue Jays
2. Orioles
3. Royals
4. Indians
5. White Sox (better than Buehrle, Floyd, or Danks)
6. Twins (I think he's better than Liriano)
7. Diamondbacks
8. Cubs (he's better than Dempster)
9. Reds (Volquez and Cueto are not better than Hamels)
10. Pirates
11. Astros (screw Brett Myers)
12. Rangers
13. Nationals

So, not quite half, but still a decent many teams he'd be the ace of.

Joseph said...

the biggest argument came when I told him Josh Johnson dominates unlike Cole. You would have thought I told him Pepsi Max was better then Coke Zero. My goodness. Then I blew his mind when I told him you wanna argue with me about him being an ace yet he is the 4th starter on his own team.

GM-Carson said...

Josh Johnson is better than Cole Hamels, period.

A case can be made the Cole Hamels is better than Zach Grienke, the Brewer's new ace. Grienke had one fantastic season ('09), but other than that, not so much.

ripjgarcia said...

Hamels > Greinke : check

Hamels > Liriano : TBD That injury really screwed Liriano up. He was destined for greatness. His stuff was scary good.

GM-Carson said...

Chad Durbin and the Phils have exchanged salary proposals. Look for the Durbinator to rejoin the ranks in the upcoming days.

Adam said...

LOL I saw Pence at the end and initially thought, youre an idiot. then I read the explanation. wouldnt that be somethin! haha ohhhhh Ed Wade.

Joseph... in the words of Mel Gibson, YOU MAKE ME WANNA SMOOOOOOOKE!

Also, I'd add the As and Pads to that list. I take Cole over Braden or Latos. I think we're over half now.

Corey said...

hamels is not better than greinke. remember, he no longer plays for the royals.

Joseph said...

Cole blows and I'll stand by my decision...he isn't even good enough to be an ace in the NFC West

GM-Carson said...

Corey, Grienke had an amazing '09, but other than that what's so great about him? What makes him better than Hamels? Sure he played for the Royals, so that wins aren't there, but his ERA wasn't superb or anything other than that one season.

GM-Carson said...

Zack Greinke- 7 yr, 60-67, 201 G, 169 GS, 1108 IP, 280 BB:931 K, 3.82/1.26, 12 CG, 3 SH.

Cole Hamels- 5 yr, 60-45, 149 GS, 945.1 IP, 248 BB:897 K, 3.53/1.18, 7 CG, 4 SH.

Greinke has better contorl, that's it. Otherwise Hamels is better.

Corey said...

what's so great about him is that he went 16-8, 2.16 ERA, 242 K , 6 CG in 2009. you think that was luck? let me know when cole puts up those numbers.

Corey said...

first off, totaling numbers is a horrible way to determine if one player is better than another. if a guy has one or two bad years, it can skew the totals, but if that's how you want it, since they are the same age, compare the years both have been in the majors and leave out the two years grienke was pitching in the bigs while cole was still in the minors.

grienke - 3.32 ERA, 1.21 whip, 132 ERA+

hamels - 3.53 ERA, 1.18 whip, 123 ERA+

consider grienke has to face the DH every game and he has shown the ability to completely dominate the superior AL, i'm giving my vote to grienke.

GM-Carson said...

We're splitting hairs. Personally, I think their very comparable.

I never suggested Greinke's amazing '09 was luck or fluke, but he hasn't come close to that before or after.

GM-Carson said...

Aside from 2009 when he had an ERA of 2.16, Greinke has sported the following 3.69, 3.47, 4.17 over the past 4 seasons.

Although Hamels has never come close to the 2.16, he's had some damn good years too in that same timeframe- 3.39, 3.09, 4.32, and 3.06. Aside from 2009, Hamels has been the better pitcher.

You throw in the DH argument, and I agree that makes AL lineups tougher, but lets not forget Hamels pitches half his games in Citizens Bank Park.

Steven Chuob said...

"Also, I'd add the As and Pads to that list. I take Cole over Braden or Latos. I think we're over half now."

About Braden just cause he was in the 1st position of the pitching rotation doesn't mean he was their ACE. I think you would need to compare Hamel's to B. Anderson and decided which of the two is better to say if Oakland needs to be on that list.

GM-Carson said...

Cahill and Gonzalez are pretty damn good in Oakland too.

Kyle said...

Ed Wade got you to where you are today, whether you want to believe it or not.

Pence is a franchise player (sadly), so don't get your hopes up.

And a fair trade would be Blanton for Keppinger (super utility guy). But in all honesty, Wade wouldn't trade anyone unless it was for middle relievers.

mzungolo said...

Scratch the Cubs now that they've landed Garza and will probably be looking to shed a starter themselves. Blanton for Pence would be nice, but is of course pretty much a fantasy.

GM-Carson said...

The Pence for Blanton was a joke. Everything else was for real.

Shea said...

Cole Hamels = average of 4.1 WAR over past four seasons

Zach Greinke = average of 6.5 WAR over past four seasons

Two wins a season is quite a bit.

The rest...

Zach Greinke also holds a 3.24 to 3.74 FIP advantage.

You said Greinke has better control, but over the past four years Hamels has produced a better BB/9 and WHIP than Greinke.

Greinke is better though.

Shea said...

I would also say that Brett Anderson is better than Hamels, but that is purely on what I believe... I don't want to take the time to back that up with stats and I might not be able to, but Anderson is filthy. I would put him as ACE of the Padres though.

Anonymous said...

I think Hamels would be a starter on the Braves. Tim Hudson, Tommy Hanson, Lowe are not as good as Hamels.

The Angels are another team. Jared Weaver is a solid 2 or 3 on a good team.

Anonymous said...

Brave and Angels would have Hamels as there number one no doubt. He is better than Hudson, Hanson, Low, Weaver, etc.

I would say Grienke is really untested. Hamels has already had an eventful career. He has had his ups and downs (and some really really bad downs). Most importantly he is playoff tested, where as Grienke is not. He has only had one notable event which 2009 Cy Year (forgot if he won it and does not matter).

Grienke may be a better pitcher but Id rather have cole leading my team.

PhillyFran said...

I am not a big fan of Cole either. He is not an ace unless its a bad team. I wouldn't want an ace who says can't wait untill the season is done in the playoffs. I wouldn't mind trading Cole to be honest. Get a right handed out fielder and top prospects. I would be calling the yankees asking for swisher and a few top prospects. The Phillies have some older players that will need to replace and all our top guys are in A ball.

GM-Carson said...

Listen, I bashed Cole during his poor 2009 season and at the beginning on last year, but the fact is he's still young and still developing and capable of a lot of good things. Having him on the staff is definitely an asset.