Thursday, December 30, 2010

WSBGMs Phinal Phantasy Phootball Standings

Congratulations to my fellow co-blogger Corey in his triumph over the 12 man field in this year's WSBGMs Phantasy Phootball league. His team, My Vick in a Box, snuck into the playoffs with a 7-6 record, but whopped ass all the way to the final defeating Four TDs in 1 Game to finish in 1st place. This is Corey's 2nd league championship in a row, while my squad, Polish My Kolb, finished in a sorry 11th place for a 2nd consecutive season.

Finals Standings:
1. My Vick in a Box
2. Four TDs in 1 Game
3. Jerry's Kids
4. bulwarkbradley
5. Philadelphia Stars
6. 1-800-BooHoo
7. Damn Dirty Apes
8. Dick Yuengling
9. Child Plz Str8 Cash
10. Raul Raiders
11. Polish My Kolb

Thanks to all that participated, and for those that didn't win, just like a Cubs fans since the early 1900's - "There's always next year."


ripjgarcia said...

Oh how I remember rooting against you the final week.

I still got hosed when they sat Peterson that week. Stupid weather. All considered I had a good year. I'll be back for the next one.

Grats man.

GM-Carson said...

I should just stick to fantasy baseball, football just ain't my thang.

Corey said...

i calling my shot: three-peat next season!

ripjgarcia said...

I wouldn't be so certain. Maybe I'll actually show up for the draft next year.

GM-Carson said...

Not that being present at the draft would help me, but I too haven't been able to make the draft the past 2 years.

Johnny said...

Hey guys, thanks for running the fantasy league. I had a great time, and I love the blog.

-Sam (bulwarkbradley)

Michael said...

when i saw at 1:05pm that Todd Heap was in fact NOT starting after it being said all week he was, I knew I was done for. The shitty play of all my RB's were the icing on the cake. But great season guys fun as always and I look forward to my title defense in this years phantasy baseball league