Sunday, December 05, 2010

Ryan Madson Sushi Roll?

A Ryan Madson inspired sushi roll? Wonder if tastes great initially then chokes at the end too.

*Thanks to The Zo Zone for the heads up on this one.


Andrew said...


8008 WFC's said...

Werth to the Nats???!!! Didn't see that one coming. While Washington's not as awful as they once were I guess $$ are >>>> than rings!!

GM-Carson said...

7 years $126M is a colossal waste of money on Werth. He's good, but he's not great. Silly Nationals, silly Werth (enjoy losing bro!).

Also, saw the Adrian Gonzalez trade fell through for the BoSox...hahahahaha!

ripjgarcia said...

Easily the most hilarious thing I've heard or read of in the off season in quite some time.

Bob D said...

that was awesome!
I'm not surprised to see the Nats sign Werth. Not good for Phils as they get a lesser pick. Nats could be a contender with just a few more peices

Bob D said...

7 years at $18mil? way too much. The Phils offered 4 at $16mil. Good luck in DC.

Andrew said...

One of the worst deals I've ever heard!!!! Werth will have 2-3 good seasons... then he will be deadweight just at the same time the Nat's starting pitchers will be coming into their own. Terrible deal for the gNats, as usual, but a tip of the hat to Werth for abusing the Washington ownership

SirAlden said...

4 YEARS AT 20 MIL = 80 MIL - OR
5 YEARS AT 18 MIL = 90 MIL

Was the highest I dreamed of the Phillies going. The offered 3 or 4 years at 16.

7 YEARS AT 18 MIL = 126 MIL amazing.

Good Luck Jason, thanks for your hard
work. Hope you TIP Pat Gillick 10% for saving your career.