Friday, December 17, 2010

Phlashback Phriday - Cliff Lee Trade

Hey, remember when the Phils traded Cliff Lee to re-stock their farm system? How'd that work out, anyway? Well, Baseball America released their Top 10 Phillies prospects earlier this week. Here it is:

1. Domonic Brown, of
2. Jonathan Singleton, 1b/of
3. Brody Colvin, rhp
4. Jarred Cosart, rhp
5. Trevor May, rhp
6. Sebastian Valle, c
7. Jiwan James, of
8. Jesse Biddle, lhp
9. Domingo Santana, of
10. Aaron Altherr, of

Nice list, I guess. I’ve seen Domonique Brown play. He seems pretty good. And I’ve looked at these guys stats, which also are pretty good. Of course, I couldn’t differentiate Jiwan James from Juwan Howard. Or Jarred Cosart from Jarred from Subway. Basically, I don’t really know much about this list except the superficial. But there is one thing that I definitely know by looking at this list: the Cliff Lee trade really sucked.

Where’s Frenchy? Where’s Deafy? [Oh yeah, he’s face first into a mirror full of coke.] Where’s…the other guy who I’ve already forgotten about?

Trading for Halladay? Awesome. Getting Oswalt? Super. Letting Werth walk? Had to be done. Signing Lee out from under the nose of the Evil Empire? Nothing short of pure genius. But that Lee trade. Oh me oh my, that one was a stinker for Rube.
Werth has a transcript from a recent Jayson Werth interview. You can read it here.

It's nothing special. Like every other word he's said since signing for the Gnats, he's trying to convince everyone that he's not there just for the money, even though everyone knows he is.

There were a few things I chuckled at, though. First he said he was looking forward to playing with "guys like Ian Desmond, Espinosa." Who? Espinosa? Is here referring to .214 hitting Danny Espinosa?

It's going to be long year for Jayson. At least he'll get to play in front of Phillies fans, who dominate that ballpark a few times a year. Or will they? "I think that is going to change soon as we fill the seats with Nats fans those people are going to go away and we are going to regain homefield advantage and I am looking forward to that day too."

Danny Espinosa a good player? Gnats fans filling the ballpark? Werth is trippin' worse than Sal Alosi. Luckily he can now afford some good psychiatric help...


GM-Carson said...

Apparently Werth was pissed when he heard the Phils signed Lee. Whatever, enjoy DC and no lineup protection aside from Zimmerman (who'll be batting ahead of you).

Honestly, the Gnats will NOT be an improved team next year. Werth essentially replaces Dunn. But they just traded away Willingham. And Strasburg is hurt and golden boy Harper isn't ready.

Corey said...


and i would rather have dunn. more power. similar OPS. younger. and most importantly, waaaaay cheaper.

Dr. Steve said...

Giles wasn't snorting the coke. He's also a very talented baseball player and I would not at all be surprised to see him starting in left field.

And JC Ramierez is going to be a 7th or 8th inning closer. He's very talented.

You can't blindly hate on this. We got talented players who, at the very, very least, we'll be able to trade in one of the Phillies marvelous trades. Meanwhile, the Cliff Lee trade was ESSENTIAL to this team getting to where it is.


1. Made Ruben Amaro realize the fans aren't going to settle for nonsense.

2. Made him trade for Oswalt.

3. Made him spend the money to get Lee, breaking the idea of the Phillies "budget" and any unwillingness to do what needs to be done (though I still want to see more moves this offseason.)

So, for ALL THESE POSITIVES, we got half a season without a third ace pitcher, and we lost in the NLDS because we couldn't hit with the bases loaded. Seems like pitching was never even an issue.

So yeah, stop with this shit about the Cliff Lee trade. The Cliff Lee trade transformed this team, our ownership, the idea of Philadelphia as a place to play AND the idea of Philadelphia as a city, the Yankees "untouchable" status, and baseball itself. ALL OF IT. It accomplished ALL OF IT. If you continue to talk about the trade as a negative, after seeing all that it has done, I'm just going to remove this site from my RSS feed.

The Cliff Lee trade was a watershed moment for this franchise that transformed it from a "the window is closing" team to a "the management will do whatever it takes to continue winning" team. I'll take half a year without a third ace pitcher for that. If you won't, fuck you.

GM-Carson said...

At this point, I'll be suprised to see any of the 3 "prospects" the Phils got for Lee be anything worthwhile in the majors. Not that they can't, it just doesn't look likely.

SirAlden said...

Deafy? You cocksucker Corey?

GM-Carson said...

Listen Sir Alden (ha, get it listen? because Deafy aka Gillies can't) doesn't read this blog and if he does he must be snortin' crack.

GM-Carson said...

Turns out Dennys Reyes won't be with the Phillies. The deal hit a "snag".

ACSmitty79 said...

Whats funny about the Lee trade is that Amaro STILL contends to this day that it was very necessary.