Friday, December 10, 2010

Phillies Phlashback Phriday- Art Mahan

Art Mahan passed away this Tuesday December 7th, 2010. Art had the distinction of being the oldest living Phillie and fourth oldest living Major League player at 97 years old. He may have only played 1 season in the big leagues, but that wasn't for lack of talent. During that lone season back in 1940 he sported a Phillies uniform and batted .244/.615 in 146 games at firstbase, with one of those games coming as a pitcher in which he tossed a scoreless inning. The reason for Art's brief career was due to his service to this country, as he served in the US Navy during World War II. He did spend one season in the minor leagues following his MLB debut (1941) before shipping off to war and then another minor league season upon his return (1946), but never got back to the majors. Instead he turned his attention towards coaching at his alma mater, Villanova. Mahan was the baseball coach there from 1950-1973 with a 236-169-5 record and 4 trips to the NCAA tournament. Despite his abbreviated career, Mahan often received requests for autographs.
"One guy sent a box of 12 official major league baseballs and wanted him to sign each one. And he sent a check along with it. My dad signed every one, but he sent the check back with the balls. He never took one penny for signing."
~Edwin Mahan, Art's son

Art also apparently had a sense of humor too...
"The Augustinian priests kept telling me to have faith in the saints and to ask St. Jude for help when I would step up to bat. After trying this, it was quickly obvious that St. Jude couldn't hit a curveball, either."
~Art Mahan in reference to a minor league slump he endured

*Alex "Spunk" Pitko now becomes the oldest living Phillies at age 96, and the 5th oldest living former major leaguer.


GM-Carson said...

Looks like the Phils are gonna re-sign Chad Durbin.

Durbin is alright, and for middle relief that's good enough. However, Rube better not be laying down a multi-year deal worth anything more than $1.5M annually. Honestly, middle relief is a place to save money on a team and let guys work through growing pains coming up from the minors. I liked Durbin, but I really didn't want him back.

SirAlden said...

Still want Feliciano.

Beautifully written post.

SirAlden said...

Starting Line-up 8:
C Ruiz R
1B Howard L
2B Utley L
SS Rollins S
3B Polanco R
LF Ibanez L
CF Victorino S
RF Brown L

Bench 5: Schneider L (C), Gload L(OF), Francisco R (OF), Valdez R (INF), Martinez S (INF-OF)

Starting Rotation 5:
Halladay R
Hamels L
Oswalt R
Blanton R
Worley R - Kendrick R

Bullpen 7: Lidge R, Madson R, Contreras R, Reyes L, Bastardo L, Durbin R, Baez R

So this leaves possible Upgrades in the 5th Starter, 3B Beltre - trading Pollanco, RF, 1 Bullpen Slot - Signing a FA and dropping Baez.