Sunday, December 12, 2010

MLB's Top 20 Pitching Leaders

As promised, here's the active players who've managed to put themselves in the Top 20 pitching leaderboard of Major League Baseball's history.

13. Mariano Rivera- 2.23


3. Mariano Rivera- 1.00
7. Trevor Hoffman- 1.06

Win %:
16. Roy Halladay- .663
18. Johan Santana- .658

9. Trevor Hoffman- 1035
17. Mariano Rivera- 978

Games Started:
16. Jamie Moyer- 628

1. Trevor Hoffman- 601
2. Mariano Rivera- 559

Homeruns Allowed:
1. Jamie Moyer- 511
14. Tim Wakefield- 393

Hit Batters:
9. Tim Wakefield- 178

Strikeouts Per 9 IP:

2. Kerry Wood- 10.35
5. Trevor Hoffman- 9.36
7. Oliver Perez- 9.12
8. Jake Peavey- 8.93
10. Johan Santana- 8.85
11. Arthur Rhodes- 8.82
12. Scott Kazmir- 8.76
18. Josh Beckett- 8.51

It's clearly difficult to crack the Top 20 in the pitching departments. Aside from strikeouts per 9 innings, this will remain the case for decades to come. They just don't pitch enough anymore to rack up the win totals or yesteryear's pitchers. Also, looking at the strikeouts per 9 innings makes me laugh- Ollie Perez, Rhodes, Kazmir...ha!

Notes- Billy Wagner was disqualified due to retiring (not active). Jamie Moyer was included due to his statement of wishing to make a comeback following Tommy John surgery.


GM-Carson said...

From The Zo Zone:
"Jimmy Rollins had minor surgery Thursday on his left wrist, but he should be fine in plenty of time for Spring Training.

In fact, it probably won't affect him cutting into his Christmas ham.

Rollins had a ganglion cyst removed. His stitches will be removed sometime in the next two weeks."

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