Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lee & Werth as Talking Bears, Plus Babes


Matty said...

This is classic. Absolutely classic. I was laughing myself silly the entire time.

Is there any way you can get this to Werth? I'd love to see his reaction.

GM-Carson said...

Guess they might actually be talking dogs, who the hell knows?

ripjgarcia said...

Bob Costas just had a little thing on TV about Philly's just making New York in general look silly this week.

He ends his editorial with this little quip:

"What's next? Mr. Met is forced to serve as the Phillie Phanatic's errand boy?"

Too funny.

Bob D said...

LOL thats all great. "I thought the Nationals wanted my autograph"

GM-Carson said...

Braves signed Yohan Flande to a minor league deal. He'll now proceed to become their 3rd starter sometime in 2012 and go on to win 100+ games for them.

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