Friday, December 03, 2010

Davey Lopes Update

As you all know, Davey Lopes left the Phils about a month ago because he didn't feel he was being "adequately compensated" for his "value."

Well, Davey didn't stand on the unemployment line very long. He was hired this week by the LA Dodgers to be their....wait for it...first base coach! Yeah, congratulations to Davey for really moving up in the world by taking the exact same position with a worse team.

Could he be getting that much more money from LA? I doubt it. He just thought Philadelphia owed him more because of his great coaching contributions. Remember, he said he left because of the "principle," after all.

So I got to thinking, besides satisfying his "principles," is coaching first base for the Dodgers better than being in Philly? There's only one way to answer that question: Tale of the Tape.

World Series Likelihood?
Philly: Very good.
LA: Unlikely.
Advantage: Philly

Fan Abuse
Philly: Fans rarely boo first base coach.
LA: Fans rarely attend games before fourth inning.
Advantage: Philly.

Main Job
Philly: Sending Victorino to second.
LA: Babysitting Matt Kemp.
Advantage: Philly, even if Kemp brings Rhianna around, because she's always autotuned and frankly, kind of homely.

Job Appreciation
Philly: Multiple blogs mourn your departure.
LA: Multiple people laugh because they think the equipment guy misspelled "Lopez."
Advantage: Philly.

In-game Entertainment
Philly: The Phanatic.
LA: Alyssa Milano in the stands.
Advantage: Philly. Unfortunately for Davey, Milano only gives it up to current players. He has a better chance with Mrs. Phanatic...

Post Game Chatter

Philly: Who should start Game 2 of the playoffs?
LA: The McCourt divorce. Oooh, gossipy!
Advantage: Philly.


GM-Carson said...

*Davey Lopes is a dumbass for leaving the Phils for the exact same job in LA.

*Autotune sucks!

*The Dodgers actually have a decent chance at the playoffs/World Series. Very deep rotation and a solid enough offense.

Corey said...

true dat. "unlikely" is harsh for their WS chances, but I would still favor Philly, Cincy, San Fran above anybody else. then the group of atlanta, la, colorado next. so, "mediocre" might be a better assessment, but i'm a phillies homer who thinks they are a lock for next year and i'm currently dissing any and all things dodgers or lopes, so i'll leave it...

Preserve Jon said...

Quality post fellas. Quality Post.

Ben said...

It must be the weather, hazy w/ a chance of smog and public water laced with birth control. cheers

SirAlden said...

Davey we love you.

Enjoy your first team, the weather, better looking babydolls.

Philly Hater Types with little teeth Drivin' 'Round in Cars that go Beep Beep Beep.

Thanks for your all your hard work for us.

GM-Carson said...


SirAlden said...

Is the answer to 'with little teeth Drivin' 'Round in Cars that go Beep Beep Beep'

SirAlden said...

Short people.