Saturday, December 18, 2010

Baseball-izing of Cricket

Even though Baseball is considered to be a very American sport (widely regarded as “the national pastime”) it has a far reaching influence and has a huge following in Canada, Latin America and East Asia. In England however, it still falls behind Cricket in terms of popularity. Cricket also has a far reaching influence, mainly in former British Colonies such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, The Caribbean and especially India where its fan base almost worships the game as a Religion.
The whole world sees Cricket as a rather boring, time heavy sport for people that enjoy the socializing (drinking) side of the sport than the actual sportsmanship elements. However inviting social aspects of cricket such as cricket betting is one thing that has helped the popularity of the sport grow, as well as the booze of course.
But why are these two highly regarded yet similar national sports considered so different to each other?
At first look the differences look epic, helped not in part to the mythos surrounding each sport. Baseball exciting, loud and vibrant. Cricket, slow with the only noise being that of the occasional hand clap or odd shout from the players.
Wouldn’t it be better if Cricket took on some of the qualities of Baseball?
The first thing to address could be making the Cricket pitch bigger. What’s the point of having a giant green field with only a small horizontal strip in the middle of it being utilized? This gives us our first Baseball quality that could help Cricket; Big video screens so people can see the action from anywhere they sit!
Secondly, get rid of the boring Cricket commentators that sound like they are trying to stay awake themselves “and……yep….Flintoff hits the ball…..”, bring in some young enthusiastic people to jazz up the proceedings “Bam! Flintoff has just satellited it out of the park! Woohooo”.
Thirdly, add an air of event to it. There’s no reason why it can’t get hyped up and promoted like a major event, it would even help more British people get behind it. Make the Cricket stadiums bigger with more seating, bring in mascots, ball girls and cheerleaders to warm up the crowd and get the energy going before the big match! Obviously some of the existing traditions of Cricket are quite cool and don’t need changing, so let’s keep the socialized polite drinking and cake eating.
And finally, give the Cricket outfit a makeover, imagine how cool it would look if all those protective pads were built into the actual clothes? It would look like a team of robots playing and who would ever complain about that happening?!
The campaign to Baseball-ize Cricket starts here!

~Nick Johnstone


Teix4MVP said...

It's an interesting article, although you're writing technique need some fine-tuning to be a stand-out article. It's still a good piece, but if you just fix it a bit it'd be perfect. I'll be checking in on your blog though, you're posts look interesting.
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GM-Carson said...

Hey Teix, we didn't even write it. It was a guest post that we got money for.