Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 Philadelphia Phillies 25-Man Roster

Here's how I envision the 2011 Philadelphia Phillies 25-man roster shaping up, given that there are no further additions.

*2010 stats listed
Starting 8:
Carlos Ruiz/C- .302/.847, 43 R, 28 2B, 8 HR, 53 RBI
Ryan Howard/1B- .276/.859, 87 R, 23 2B, 5 3B, 31 HR, 108 RBI
Chase Utley/2B- .275/.832, 75 R, 20 2B, 16 HR, 65 RBI, 13 SB
Placido Polanco/3B- .298/.726, 76 R, 27 2B, 6 HR, 52 RBI, 5 SB
Jimmy Rollins/SS- .243/.694, 48 R, 16 2B, 8 HR, 41 RBI, 17 SB
Raul Ibanez/LF- .275/.793, 75 R, 37 2B, 5 3B, 16 HR, 83 RBI
Shane Victorino/CF- .259/.756, 84 R, 26 2B, 10 3B, 18 HR, 69 RBI, 34 SB
Domonic Brown/RF- .327/.980 in 93 minor league games.

Brian Schneider/C- .240/.729
Wilson Valdez/UTL- .258/.667
Ross Gload/1B/OF- .281/.813
Ben Francisco/OF- .268/.768
John Mayberry/OF- .232/.810 in 73 MLB plate appearances in 09-10

Roy Halladay 21-10, 250.2 IP, 219 K, 2.44/1.04
Cliff Lee 12-9, 212.1 IP, 185 K, 3.18/1.00
Roy Oswalt 13-13, 211.2 IP, 193 K, 2.76/1.03
Cole Hamels 12-11, 208.2 IP, 211 K, 3.06/1.18
Kyle Kendrick 11-10, 180.2 IP, 84 K, 4.73/1.37

Brad Lidge 50 G, 45.2 IP, 52 K, 27 SV, 2.96/1.23
Ryan Madson 55 G, 53 IP, 64 K, 5 SV, 2.55/1.04
Jose Contreras 67 G, 56.2 IP, 57 K, 4 SV, 3.34/1.22
JC Romero 60 G, 36.2 IP, 28 K, 3 SV, 3.68/1.61
Danys Baez 51 G, 47.2 IP, 28 K, 5.48/1.64
Antonio Bastardo 25 G, 18.2 IP, 26 K, 4.34/1.50
David Herndon 47 G, 52.1 IP, 29 K, 4.30/1.61

Special Notes:
*Joe Blanton to be traded.
*Vance Worley battles for 5th spot in rotation.
*Mike Zagurski, Scott Mathieson, Justin De Fratus, Dan Meyer, and Eddie Bonine compete for bullpen with David Herndon being the likely casualty.
*Michael Martinez (Rule 5), Pete Orr, Josh Barfield, and Jeff Larish try to bump Mayberry off the roster for final bench spot.


Bob D said...

starting 8 is right, Brown maybe in a platoon for a bit which could switch to a platoon with Ibanez/Francisco by years end. Mayberry doesn't really impress me at all I would expect one of the others bump him off the bench.

The team may elect to carry 6 relievers and an extra bench player. Baez would likely be cut once one of the other relievers show they can pitch in the majors.

But good outlook the teams looks great and by years end there maybe a bunch of pitching prospects knocking on the door

GM-Carson said...

Mayberry slugs lefties. Sitting Brown or Ibanez against tough lefties in favor of Mayberry would be a very good thing.

Mike Reisman said...

if worley competes as you say for the 5th starting job then he would definitely make the bullpen

GM-Carson said...

Not sure the Phils would stick him in the bullpen if he misses out on the 5th rotation slot, because having him stowed away still starting in Triple A in case of injury makes more sense in my opinion.

furiousBall said...

I'd really like to see these guys earn these spots this Spring (Brown and Mayberry in particular)

Mike D. said...

no way they carry 12 pitchers, as it be a waste of a roster space. Also Blanton won't get traded before the deadline unless they are overwhelmed by an offer. Finally Dom Brown starts the year off in triple A as the Phils made a huge mistake in keeping him on the bench once Victorino returned from injury, so a platoon will be in place.

GM-Carson said...

Aside from Pavano, Blanton is probably one of the best options still remaining on the free agent/trade market. Trading Blanton to clear salary and possibly get some mid-level prospects seems smart in my opinon.

Mike C said...

Put KK in the pen. Put Worley in the starting rotation. Use KK for a spot start here and there, but you have to give Vance a chance. With the other four monsters in the rotation, the Phils can afford to give the kid some experience and get to see how he does against major league hitters over a stretch.

GM-Carson said...

In my, and many others' opinion, KK has reached his potential already. He's nothing more than a 5th starter that won't kill ya, but certainly isn't great by any measure. Worley on the other hand has upside, but is unproven. Given that the Phils have 4 workhorses in the first 4 slots, maybe they'll just go with the known commodity in KK and get the likely 10-12 wins from him.

ripjgarcia said...

Taking a look at those offensive numbers from last season tells you how much of an all or nothing year it was.

Squonk64 said...

Hi, GMs. You have it basically right, but...

BULLPEN: I don't see the Phillies carrying 7 relievers next year. Likely 6, maybe even just 5. And your reliever list doesn't include a long innings reliever. Even R2C2 are going to blow a start once in a while, and we need someone who can pitch 2-3 innings when R2C2 throw a double bogey. I think both Herndon and Bastardo start at AAA, and either Kendrick, Worley, or PTBA (Durbin?) take the long relief role.

STARTERS: I don't think big, fat Kentucky Joe is going anywhere. He's a legitimate #3/4 starter who has a history of needing an additional month of Spring Training before he's ready to pitch. He's a much better option as a number 5 starter than Kendrick or Worley. Quoting the movie Rounders, "pay that man his money" I say, trot out Blanton to face the league's worst pitchers every five days. That's much better than the crapshoot we have if you trade Blanton, and rely on Kendrick or Worley, who are both legitimate 5th starters, every fifth game. In the meantime, Kendrick or Worley get the long relief role, if we don't sign that PTBA. One, or both, of them are starting the season at AAA.

BENCH: I'd like to see one more UT/IF on the bench, but it would likely come from the farm, and outside of Galvis, I don't see that happening. Galvis is projected as a back-up middle infielder, but he needs at least two more years in the minors. In other words, while the Phillies have advanced him fast because of his MLB-ready defensive skills, he needs to learn how to hit, because that's what bench players do, they come into the game as a pinch hitter.

STARTING 8: DUH... The only thing that is missing is any possible outfield platoon situations. Maybe even, and I hate to start a food-fight, but creating a two position platoon in the middle infield position to get Rollins and Utley some rest.

Overall, I don't see all this platooning as a bad idea. It'll get the bench players more ABs, so when we need them, they are fresh.

GM-Carson said...

Squonk- I know R2C2 is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but no way in hell they go with 5 relieves. Maybe 6, but I'm betting on 7.

Herndon can be long relief. He should be able to go 2 and possibly 3 innings at a time.

You want an extra UTL, well Michael Martinez the Rule 5 pick plays middle infield and even some CF.

Bastardo is a strikeout machine ready to be unleashed upon the league. If Charlie uses him right (meaning mostly against lefties- ie. an inning with 2 lefties and 1 righty), I could see him posting a 3ish ERA and 10+ Ks per 9 IP.