Saturday, November 06, 2010

The World According to Scott Boras

Not Dominic, not Domonic, but Dominique. WTF?!
I'm sure you remember Domonic Brown had his name spelled "Dominic" for a couple years before finally correcting everybody. He might need to correct people on the pronunciation, too. His first name is pronounced Dominique, like former NBA slam dunking superstar Dominique Wilkins. At least that's what Scott Boras told Todd Zolecki. He said he got the correct pronunciation from Brown's father.


ripjgarcia said...

Noted in that post that Zo thinks they will bring back Durbin. Personally I think it might be time to part ways with a guy whose arm magically disappears when you need it most.

Bob D said...

Yeah time to post the missing arm pic of Durbin. That arm has fallen off 3 years straight at least for awhile it does.

Also Jamie Moyer re-injured his arm in the Dominican (pronounced like Dominic) League. He may have to ponder retirement