Monday, November 01, 2010

Santa Monica Werth Remix

What is Jayson Werth worth? Less than the eventual contract some overpaying team will shell out for him. That team will not be the Philadelphia Phillies as he's likely to demand too many years and too much money. This remix of Santa Monica by Everclear is in remembrance of him.

Santa Monica- Werth Remix
Philly is still living with your ghost
Left us for the contract with the most
We don't want to be your last choice
We just want you on our beloved team

With your big brown beard and shaggy hair
We do believe you'll find yourself a new place
You're gonna end up the bad guy
Won't be able to witness your homerun dance anymore
You just wanna see some dollar signs
Just know Boras is evil and money blinds

We can live inside Citizens Bank Park
Leave free agency behind
Build ourselves a dynasty
Watch the NL East die

We are still dreaming of your face
Angry and hollow for all the things you took away

Philly wants to be your true love
We don't want to be your fall-back crutch anymore

Jayson Werth will sign a brand new deal
Losing your Hulk fist will take some time to heal
Remember you will be the bad guy

Philly won't witness your corkscrew swing anymore
You just want to feel some freedom
How about you move to an island to be alone

We can live inside Citizens Bank Park
Leave free agency behind
Build ourselves a dynasty
Watch the NL East die


vendor71 said...

Man it's hard to believe that album is almost 20 years old now.

GM-Carson said...

That albums from start to finish is one of the best in my collection.

vendor71 said...

Yep. I thought that band was going to be around for a long long time when I first heard them.

What was it, Three albums and out? Those are all I can remember, and I don't really listen to radio or go to shows much anymore, so I am way out of the loop on this stuff.

Zac said...


Corey said...

8 albums, a covers album, a live album, a "remix" album, a a greatest hits album and one theoretically on the way...

GM-Carson said...

Corey's favorite band is Everclear in case you couldn't tell.

GM-Carson said...

Davey Lopes won't be back next year. He wants to explore other opportunities besides 1st base coach. He'll be missed. I think the Phils finished 1st in stolen base % 4 years in a row.