Saturday, November 13, 2010

Phillies Pop Art

News from Week Past:
*Shane Victorino won his 3rd consecutive Gold Glove.

*Juan Samuel was hired to be the new 3rd base coach and handle outfield defense.

*Pete Orr was signed to a minor league deal. Versatile veteran that can play nearly every position on the field and hit better than Juan Castro or Eric Bruntlett (although that's like saying Sly Stalone is taller than Tom Cruise, they're both still midgets...whoops, I meant little people, sorry).

*Eddie Bonine, a 29 years old, who has been in Detroit the past 3 seasons was signed on Friday. He pitches to contact and doesn't have very good numbers- 4.74 ERA/1.54 WHIP and only 54 K's in 129 IP. This is only a minor league deal, so he's Triple-A filler.

*Catcher Erik Kraft, 30 years old and formerly of the Pirates was also inked to a minor league deal. He hit .118 in 34 at bats for Pittsburgh this season, but has been decent in the minors the past few seasons with the bat and behind the plate. Added bonus- he's made 5 relief appearances over his 9 minor league seasons.

*Amaro admitted to focusing on bullpen help especially a lefty reliever.


Anonymous said...

i see u guys getting some love on mlbtraderumors

ripjgarcia said... credits WSBGMs right here.

GM-Carson said...

MLB Trade Rumors may have liked the story, but some people came on that thread and busted my chops. That's alright, at least they took the time to read it enough to not like it.