Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Most Unnecessary Poll Ever

In case you missed it the Pittsburgh Pirates just tricked a new chump into managing their team- Clint Hurdle. ESPN.com took it upon themselves to run this thought provoking poll- Will the Pirates make the playoffs under Clint Hurdle? Really, was that necessary? Unless Hurdle sticks around for a couple decades it's doubtful the Buccos rise from the ashes like the phoenix and bring the franchise back to notoriety. That poll is like asking Will more explicit pictures of Paris Hilton surface? or Will McDonald's scrap their menu and become a vegan/health conscious fast food restaurant? The question is rhetorical.

*The Pirates have suffered through 18 straight losing seasons (most in MLB history).

*Their offense is as about as bad as it gets- 587 runs (NL worst), .242 average (NL worst), and .678 OPS (2nd to last in NL).

*Their pitching is also about as bad as it gets- 5.00 ERA (MLB worst), 71 quality starts (2nd to last in NL).

*And for the trifecta, their defense is as bad as it gets- 127 errors.

*Clint Hurdle has the 2nd worst winning percentage (.461) out of active managers with at least 1000 decisions. He's only experienced one winning season out of the 8 he had with the Rockies.

The Pirates aren't going to the playoffs under Clint Hurdle!

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