Thursday, November 11, 2010

The MLB Veterans

WSBGMs would like to thank all the men and women of this country that have or currently are serving in our armed forces. Happy Veterans Day.

The following is a list of every teams' "veteran" by service time.

AL East:
Baltimore Orioles- Brian Roberts/2001. When healthy is a top notch secondbaseman. When injured is merely a financial burden on a losing team.

Boston Red Sox- Tim Wakefield/1995. The knuckleballer has announced 2011 will be his last. Guess we gotta hope RA Dickey stays around for a couple of decades now to keep the pitch alive.

New York Yankees- Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, and Mariano Rivera/1995. The Holy Trinity are winding down their careers, but are still driving forces of the Evil Empire. Jeter and Mo are free agents, but it's hard to imagine them in any other uniform. Just picture Jeter in a Royals jersey...hahahaha.

Tampa Bay Rays- Carl Crawford/2002. The Devil Rays organization's best player of all-time, although all-time only started in the 90's. Whatever, this man is a straight up playa, but he is all but gone, as he's a free agent and he'll command more than Tampa is will to shell out.

Toronto Blue Jays- Vernon Wells/1999. Signed a humongous contract (7 years/$126M) and got humongous in the process (230 pounds), which hampered his centerfield defense and base stealing abilities. He'll be a Jay for the foreseeable future with that chunk of change coming his way.

AL Central:
Chicago White Sox- Paul Konerko/1999. The converted catcher has been a Windy City mainstay for over a decade now, but those days may be numbered as he too is a free agent and will only sign for what he views as fair. C'mon Kenny Williams and Ozzie Guillen, make it happen.

Cleveland Indians- Travis Hafner/2003. Pronk is a dud. Nothing but a DH that can't really hit all that well.

Detroit Tigers- Brandon Inge/2001. Just re-upped with Motor City for 2 more years. Never hits for a high average, but he is consistent...consistently average.

Kansas City Royals- David DeJesus/2003. KC picked up his option for 2011, but speculation has him being shopped around. He's a good player that gets over looked because America forgets the Royals are a MLB team.

Minnesota Twins- Michael Cuddyer/2001. This guy plays all over the place (OF, 2B, 3B, 1B) and has a solid bat (although most bats are solid, hollow wouldn't do much good now would it?).

AL West:
Los Angeles Angels- Scot Shields/2001. Shields at one time was possibly the best set-up in the business. Now he's nothing but an afterthought.

Oakland Athletics- Mark Ellis/2002. Relatively unnoticed due to bay venue, but he is a good secondbaseman and continues to be a good value to the A's.

Seattle Mariners- Ichiro Suzuki/2001. At first I resented him. I was ignorant. He's become one of my favorite players to follow. I would love for him to play CF for the Phils and bat leadoff.

Texas Rangers- Michael Young/2000. This man is a hitting machine- 1848 hits in 9 full seasons and 2 partial ones. A player that certainly deserved to finally reach the postseason.

NL East:
Atlanta Braves- Chipper Jones/1993. Larry! Larry! Larry! Hate him. Future Hall-of-Famer.

Florida Marlins- Josh Johnson/2005. Great pitcher that just can't stay healthy enough to fully get the respect and accolades he's due. Signed an extension with the Fish, but they'll likely trade him away soon because he's making more than league minimum.

New York Mets- Pedro Feliciano/2002. The lefty is a free agent and it's doubtful he's back in New York unless it's with the Yankees. This is a guy I could see Ruben Amaro Jr. signing for the Phils bullpen.

Philadelphia Phillies- Jimmy Rollins/2000. With 2011 being his last year on the contract, he soon main gain Jeter status in Philly where as the organization knows his skills are diminished but are nearly forced to re-sign him due to public demand/image.

Washington Nationals- Ryan Zimmerman/2005. If the Nationals continue to progress, expect Zimmerman to be a Gnat for a very long time.

NL Central:
Chicago Cubs- Carlos Zambrano/2001. Nearly released this summer due mental instability, but the Cubbies are probably glad they held onto him because of his huge contract and the fact that he remains a damn good pitcher.

Cincinnati Reds- Aaron Harang/2003. Has either been injured or a big time loser over the past few seasons. His days with the Reds are probably done.

Houston Astros- Wandy Rodriguez/2005. Old Nut Sack Face Ed Wade traded away the team's two stalwarts in Oswalt and Berkman and Wandy is what they're left with.

Milwaukee Brewers- Corey Hart and Chris Capuano/2004. One wears his sunglasses at night while the other sounds like something you'd order at Starbucks.

Pittsburgh Pirates- Zach Duke, Paul Maholm, and Ryan Doumit/2005. Duke sucks, Maholm has flatlined, and No-Mitt Doumit is overrated. And we wonder why the Buccos have had losing seasons for nearly a quarter of a century (slight exaggeration...only slight).

St. Louis Cardinals- Albert Pujols/2001. Should remain a Cardinal for life. Should. One of the best hitters baseball has ever witnessed.

NL West:
Arizona Diamondbacks- Stephen Drew and Chris Young/2006. One is JD's brother so Phillies fans have a natural aversion to him and the other has a forgettable name (seeing as there's another Chris Young in the majors).

Colorado Rockies- Todd Helton/1997. Future Hall-of-Famer. Go ahead, debate me on it.

Los Angeles Dodgers- Jonathan Broxton/2005. Moonshot '08. Dramatic comeback in 9th in '09. Knocked out of the closer's role in '10. Philly owned!

San Diego Padres- Tim Stauffer/2005. Who?

San Francisco Giants- Matt Cain/2005. Sweet like Sugarcain. The man has a 3.45 career ERA yet a 67-62 record. He's like the Cole Hamels of the West Coast.


GM-Carson said...

Well, turns out DeJesus was traded late yesterday to the A's.

Phils news from Stark:
# A Phillies source summed up the chances of Jayson Werth returning to Philadelphia concisely: "No chance. None. Zero.
# "The Phillies are working aggressively to re-sign Jose Contreras, according to Stark.
# GM Ruben Amaro Jr. told Stark that he has been working the phones this week. "We've made contact with 40 free agents, predominantly bullpen guys." He said. "Left-handed relief is a priority for us."

GM-Carson said...

Phils signed 31 year old utility guy Pete Orr to a minor league deal. Whatever.

GM-Carson said...

Juan Samuel hired as 3rd base coach and outfield instructor. Sam Perlozzo moves over to 1st and handles the running game.

Anonymous said...

You're terrible at this. Who's cock did you have to suck to get a link on MLBTR? You're a horrible sports writer and have shitty outdated opinions.

GM-Carson said...

Brian- what part did I do shitty? What opinion is out dated?

I'm just curious. Did I make an error? Or do you simple just don't agree with me and decided to be a total dick about it?

Robert said...

Hong-Chih Kuo debuted in 2005 as well. But considering you are a Phillies fan, I can see why you wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to reiterate Broxton's ineptitude.

GM-Carson said...

My omission of Kuo was an oversight. Going through each teams' roster took quite some time, and by the time I got to the NL West I was tired and forgetting Kuo was not on purpose.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, your writing is pretty poor and sluggish. This could have been a pretty amusing read, but you kind of slaughtered it.

GM-Carson said...

Thanks for the criticism. Much appreciated. It certainly means a lot to me what a bunch of anonymous people on the Internet think of my writing style. I'll make sure to work on my craft harder from now on.

Or not!