Saturday, November 20, 2010

Meet Your 2011 Ball Girl Hopefuls

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Elizabeth hails from Havertown, Pa., and is a student at the University of Maryland, where she serves as a resident assistant and works hard on community development. She's also served as the head of marketing and fundraising for her ice hockey team. "I really like getting out there, getting to know new people," Elizabeth says. "I love having a sense of accomplishment and helping people."

Genevieve, from Levittown, Pa., is employed as a coordinator for new media and marketing for all sports at Villanova University after a successful athletic career as a softball player at Hofstra University in New York. She says she would use the Phillies Ballgirl experience as a platform to get more young women interested in athletics and sports marketing. "You don't see a lot of females in the sports industry, especially in professional baseball," she says, "so it's something that I aspire to do." She's also an aspiring actress who will appear in an upcoming film about softball, "How Do You Know," starring Reese Witherspoon.

Jenna is a recent graduate of Rowan University in her home state of New Jersey, and she's a former college softball co-captain who has learned a lot from various charity events her team put on over the years. "Just being able to help someone who needs help," Jenna said when asked why she loves to give back to the community. "That's basically it. And if we're capable of helping someone else, then there's no reason why we shouldn't do it."

Julie, a Tabernacle, N.J., native, plays first base for the softball team at Burlington County College, where she uses her height (she's 5-foot-10) to stretch for tough outs. But this Culinary Arts major also makes big plays in the community, where she's been an active volunteer for various charitable causes through softball. "Helping animals or helping people makes me feel good about myself," Julie says. "I'm a really happy person, really outgoing, really active, and I love getting people involved with the things I do."

Mary Kate is a student at Gloucester County College who grew up in Pitman, N.J. She plays softball and helps out in the community. That's why she's excited at the possibility of combining both in this special role. "I've always put on my uniform and had pride doing that," she says. "So to put on a Phillies Ballgirl uniform would be unbelievable. ... An awesome experience."

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My vote? Jenna, she's a cutie.


Anonymous said...

jenna is cute but its all about mary kate!!!!!!

furiousBall said...

I'm torn between the two orange people, Genevieve and Mary Kate

GM-Carson said...

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen?