Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy 30th to the Flyin' Hawaiian

Shane Victorino turns 30 years old today. This marks the day that the last of the starting 7 hit the Big Three-Oh (only starting 7 due to Werth's departure and no official RF).

Starting 7's Age:
Raul Ibanez/38 (June 2, 1972)
Placido Polanco/35 (October 10, 1975)
Jimmy Rollins/32 (November 2, 1978)
Chase Utley/31 (December 17, 1978)
Carlos Ruiz/31 (January 22, 1979)
Ryan Howard/31 (November 19, 1979)
Shane Victorino/30 (November 30, 1980)

I'm very pessimistic about next year's offense. I honestly believe everyone's prime years are behind them and the decline has already begun. Nobody is in the 27-29 year old range where players typically excel. Instead everyone is on the wrong side of 30 and that's a bad thing. Injuries are harder to bounce back from. Aches and pains are more achy and painful. This isn't to say Howard won't go dump 45 balls over the fence next season or Rollins won't score 100 runs, but baseball statistician/historian Bill James would point to the age of this lineup as a major concern. That is why Domonic Brown is needed for his youth and salary relief. The Phils desperately need him to hit next season because they can't really afford for him not to.


GM-Carson said...

Jorge de la Rosa gets 3 years $30M+. What the hell? Dude barely has a winning record, will be turning 30 next season, and has a career ERA of 5.02. I know he has "electric stuff", but so does Oliver Perez. Ask the Mets what they think of that contract.

Matty said...

All the more reason for those minor league standouts to have that gleam in their eyes.

GM-Carson said...

Dom Brown really is the only shot at the Phils getting younger in the lineup too. Ibanez and J-Roll's contracts are up after next season, but there's not really replacements ready for either of them. Mayber if Jonathan Singleton gets fast tracked he can play some LF in Philly in 2012, but that's unlikely. Shortshop? Freddy Glavis? Um, no!

Ben said...

Too bad the DOMinator is 1-23 in plate appearances now (or whatever). just pull him out of winter league already

GM-Carson said...

Jamie Moyer is set to have Tommy John surgery later this week in hopes of being ready for the 2012 season, in which he'll be 49 years old. Good luck to Grand Pappy. I'd love to see him pitch into his 50's, perferably in the AL though where the Phils don't have to face him.

SirAlden said...

Give Moyer a two year contract to be the Pitching Coach at AAA, and Pitch in AAA Split/Majors Contract for 2012.

Hall of Fame in your sights baby.