Saturday, November 27, 2010

Beef N' Beer for a Cause

One of WSBGM's own, furiousBall and his make-believe girlfriend are training for the Disney Marathon this January. Along with running around the woods in some way-too tight running pants and agonizing over which headband really will make his eyes sparkle, Van (his supposed real name) and his make-believe girlfriend are raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. furiousBall and the WSBGMs team would like to invite you to come help support a very worthwhile cause by joining them for a Beef N' Beer at the Marlton Tavern in Marlton, NJ on Sunday December 19th between 1-5pm. Tickets are $30 a piece ($15 for children) and includes a swanky buffet and one drink ticket.

Now for a couple of serious words from furiousBall...
"We are raising money together to run the Disney Marathon, I know everyone has a special story, but this one is honestly very near and dear to us. My girlfriend's 10 year old cousin Alayna, was diagnosed with Leukemia this past spring and is about to start what is hopefully her last super intense treatment."

There will be prizes raffled and furiousBall's head will be shaved on site (the ponytail will be donated to Locks Of Love and any remainder clippings will be sculpted into a profile of Steve Jeltz or Von Hayes - depending on the amount of hair left over). For the day of the marathon, Van is going to dye his hair purple in honor of Alayna's favorite color.

To purchase tickets, please email If you are unable to attend, but would like to donate to Team All For Layna, please visit their team page.


GM-Carson said...

I had a Freudian slip as I originally titled this "Beer N' Beer for a Cause"...alcoholic.

furiousBall said...

Thanks for the shout-out fellas. And Carson, I will have a ticket specially printed for you if you can make it.

SirAlden said...

Go furiousBall!

Bring back the Padilla Flotilla!

Dodgers did not offer Vincente Arbiration!

SirAlden said...

I am liking me some
Joshua David Willingham.

How 'bout a post about Righthanded
Outfielders to sign if we lose Jason Werth.

Slim pickin's. I still would love to see Vlad the Impaler for 4 at bats a game against Left handed Pitchers,
and 1 AB every game as Pinch Hitter otherwise.

GM-Carson said...

If Werth goes we already have our righthanded outfield bats- Francisco and Mayberry.

This team has a very big payroll and you can't employ high-paid superstars at every position. A platoon of Dom Brown and Ben-Fran would do quite well I believe. Gotta save money somewhere.

Oh, and on Padilla...hell no!

Clarkecpel said...

Thanks for the shout-out fellas. And Carson, I will have a ticket specially printed for you if you can make it.