Thursday, October 14, 2010

You Can't Hold My Candle !!!!

There are some really good baseball writers. Jayson Stark, for instance, is insightful, informative and entertaining. Zolecki does a good job on And I’m sure there are others. But I’m starting to think these guys are the exception and not the rule. The line between “baseball journalist” and “hack blogger” is getting closer every day. The most recent example is writer David Brown who writes that “Cliff Lee Is Still The Coolest – And Best – Pitcher In The Playoffs.”

Wow. I’m the biggest Cliff Lee shill around, hell I spent 3 months in counseling after that God forsaken trade, but even I know that Roy Halladay is better than Cliff Lee. Some highlights from Mr. Brown’s article.

“It frosts me, just alittle bit, to hear all of this talk about Roy Halladay and Tim Lincecum and CC Sabathia. Halladay’s no-hitter was awesome. It’s still just one postseason starts. Timmy’s 14 strikeout game was tubular. Just one game.”

Okay, so his argument is that because Halladay has only thrown one postseason game, he can’t be as good as Lee. Even though that game was a no-no. And even thought he's actually a better pitcher. That’s as stupid as a Dusty Baker press conference. And who, except for possibly the ever-objective NY/NJ sports media, is arguing that CC Sabathia is the best pitcher in the playoffs? It’s like he’s just picking starters arbitrarily. Why not add Joe Blanton to the list? He’s given up zero postseason runs…

“None of these guys can hold Cliff Lee’s candle.”

That’s because Roy is too busy burning up the competition with his flame thrower. Seriously though, “hold Cliff Lee’s candle.” First, that’s not even the correct saying. It’s “hold a candle to.” So David Brown is either a first rate moron or he’s into some weird new talk trash that I’m not familiar with. Call me crazy, but I doubt I’ll see Kenny Powers running off the mound screaming, “You can’t hold my candle!” any time soon. Yeah, not cool.

“He was the best pitcher in the junior circuit from opening day.”

Despite being on the DL, Cliff Lee was the best pitcher in the AL? Shit, if that’s true he must be awesome. Is this guy going to create a stat in Lee’s honor, Wins While On DL (WWODL)? But if he is so great, why does David Brown clarify that statement with “junior circuit?” Oh yeah, Roy Halladay, the actual best pitcher in baseball, was dominating the “senior circuit” from opening day. Literally.

So let me sum up David Brown’s article in one long, run-on sentence – Cliff Lee is the best pitcher in the playoffs, even though he’s not the best pitcher in baseball, even though that pitcher is in the playoffs and has already thrown a no-hitter, because that guy hasn’t pitched in the playoffs as often as Lee, so obviously Lee is better.

That is a theory worthy of a new award here at WSBGMs, “The Andy Martino Excellence in Journalism Award.” Plaque or trophy yet to be created…


GM-Carson said...

These toolbags writing the shit are just dumb. Halladay, until he proves otherswise, is the best pitcher in baseball and therefore in the playoffs because he's currently in the playoffs. Lee is awesome, but Halladay is awesomer. I know that's not a word, but Brown's dumbass article deserved a dumbasser response.

Joseph said...

Second the motion on new award

Rich Baxter said...

Ask Raul what he thinks of us 'hack bloggers' he'll tell ya! :)


GM-Carson said...

He's willing to give you his stool, and I'm not talking as in a bar seat either.