Saturday, October 02, 2010

Worley to Whirl Braves into Panic Mode

4-eyed geek rookie Vance Worley gets the ball for the Phillies today. Seriously dude, get some contacts, rec specs went out of style with Chris Sabo (wait, were they ever in style?). Anyway, the Braves need to win to get into the playoffs, but the Phils aren't just going to roll out the Welcome to October mat for them. Besides, Worley has something to prove as he attempts to make a positive impression and possibly pitch himself into the 5th starter slot in the rotation next season (hearing footsteps KK?). That and he wants to become relevant enough to warrant a fan group- Worley's Girlies.

*Jimmy Rollins' grand slam was a nice sight. Hopefully it gives him some confidence at the plate heading into the Divisional Series starting Wednesday.

*Bastardo has not allowed an earned run in his last 7 appearances, spanning 4.2 ip with 11 k's.

*Doc holds a slight lead over Chooch in the team MVP voting (see yesterday's post below for the poll).


ACSmitty79 said...

Rec specs were never in. everyone i know that wore them was a dork or at best, was nicknamed "Sabo".

The probably coolest guy to wear Rec Specs was Horace Grant and he wasn't very cool at all.

SirAlden said...

Love the 'SPECS' hope he uses "DEVO's"

"WHIP IT!" song when he enters the game to start or from the bullpen.

U-Tube it youngin's

WHIP Walks over innings pitched and "WHIP IT!" is also a nice tie-in as well.

He needs to flatten out the Cap Brim like that guy from St. Louie a few years ago to finish the look.

GM-Carson said...

I wore Rec Specs as a kid.

Dr. Steve said...

The Braves really suck don't they?

And can Worley pitch in the Playoffs?

GM-Carson said...

Worley is playoff eligible. I'd take him. He seems fearless.

Bob D said...

Don't expect Worley on post season roster.
He is a good option for rotation #5 spot next year, and looks like he has more upside than KK.

Braves are just imploding. They had everything all but wrapped up 3 days ago before they faced the Phils

I just wonder if the group Worley's Girley's forms will Carson be there too? LOL

GM-Carson said...

I'll be wearing the g-string bikini!

Anonymous said...

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