Friday, October 29, 2010

Whole Lotta Phillies News

Free Agents:
Jamie "Grand Pappy" Moyer and Greg "Sideburns" Dobbs have joined JC Romero in search of a new employer. Each were tremendous contributors to the WFC team of 2008, but have been in a decline ever since.

Triple-A fallback catcher Paul Hoover has been removed from the 40-man roster, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him brought back again on a minor league deal.

Placido Polanco is set to go under the knife today in hopes of finally fixing his ailing right elbow. Thanks a lot Tim Hudson...dick. Polly is expected to make a full recovery and be ready for spring training.

Roy Halladay still awaits the real trophy- NL Cy Young Award, but for now he'll settle for being voted MLB's Clutch Performer of the Year and being tabbed as the Players Choice for NL Outstanding Pitcher.

With the imminent departure of Jayson Werth creating an outfield void, Amaro has started cobbling together a plan of attack. Domonic Brown is the likely heir apparent to the throne, but the rookie might need a righthanded batting platoon partner. This player could come internally (Ben Francisco or John Mayberry) or from outside the organization. In 4 seasons The Ben Francisco Treat has hit lefties decently to the tune of .267/.806. Mayberry has limited MLB exposure against southpaws (.279/.923 in 43 ab), but has hit lefties well throughout the minors. When faced with the external options of Andruw Jones, Matt Diaz, Austin Kearns, Jeff Francoeur, and some others I'd rather just give the athleticism of Mayberry a chance and use Francisco at all 3 outfield positions for spot starts and save the money and use it on the bullpen.


Dr. Steve said...

Moyer's been solid since 2008. He even had a 2 hit complete game shutout this year - which I am still bitter over because he should have gotten a Perfect Game.

GM-Carson said...

Dr. Steve- he had his moments, but the old man's ERA was near 5. That's NEVER solid.

Matty said...

Money and being realistic aside.....wouldn't it be nice to have Carl Crawford in left, Victorino in center, and Brown in right. We would have the best outfield in baseball.

Bob D said...

The OF spots will not be handed to Brown and Mayberry only, we can all expect atleast someone getting a contract whether a gauranteed or a minor league contract and let Brown, Francisco, Mayberry all battle it out for 1 starter and possibly 2 bench spots. And at 2012 the team will need another player to replace Ibanez unless he recieves an extension. But 2 names for that free agent class that stick out are Nate McLouth, and Grady Sizemore. Victorino will be up for free agency for 2013. By then we may see a prospect o two ready to play maybe Singleton.

Alot has been made about the Phils aging. Thats a bunch of baloney. The injuries hit them hard and that was just a freak thing to have so many.
Howard missed a month and took another couple of weeks to get back on track - yet he still hit over 30Hrs. He was red hot before the injury and likely would've been over 40 and a serious MVP canidate. Before the injury his K's were way down, average way up, and defense much improved than his norms. He was arguably challenging to have the best season of his career.
Utley same thing missed over a month which greatly affected his numbers. He wasn't having as great a season as the year before but still very solid.
Ibanez had an awesome rebound for his season from June on.
Polanco once the injury bug hit him his numbers dropped - especially the average.
Rollins he was hurt all too often, and probably isnt the ideal leadoff hitter for the team. Maybe Vic should be there.

GM-Carson said...

Bob D- love ya buddy, but the collective inability to remain healthy and on the active roster had a lot to do with the Phillies aging and is likely to remain a problem going forward.

Bob D said...

My point is that Howard, Utley, and Polanco should have rebound years. Ibanez and Rollins not sure what to expect as they have been on the decline. Rollins the most likely to improve of the two but don't expect MVP like numbers.

GM-Carson said...

I love Jimmy Rollins. I think he has the fire inside to train his ass off this offseason in preparation for playing 145+ games and being a productive member of the offense again.

Ibanez...he's average.