Friday, October 01, 2010

Who is the Phillies MVP?

The 2010 season has been a season full of up and downs (how cliche?!). The 2010 season has been unforgettable moments (Halladay's perfect game) and moments we'd like to forget (sitting just above .500 in mid July). The 2010 season is not yet over, but the MVP has already shown proved his merit. Who is this year's Phillies team MVP?

Roy Halladay:
Perfect game. Likely 2010 NL Cy Young. 21 wins. 9 complete games. 4 shutouts. League leading 250.2 inning pitched. 2.44 ERA and 1.04 WHIP. 219 strikeouts with only 30 walks. Doc is effin amazing!

Ryan Howard:

Guaranteed 30+ homeruns and 100+ rbi every season. Despite a DL stint The Big Piece reached those numbers for the 5th straight season. He also shares the MLB lead in Howards with 5. .278/.864, 85 r, 23 dbl, 5 trpl, 31 hr, 106 rbi.

Carlos Ruiz:
Chooch is the shit. Senor Octobre is primed again for another excellent postseason. He's handled the pitching staff with a firm grace that is unmatched. His knack for the clutch hit is not undervalued. The man is an on-base machine, a rare commodity for someone donning the tools of ignorance. .298/.838, 40 r, 27 dbl, 8 hr, 52 rbi, 55:53 K:BB.

Jayson Werth:
Dude cowers worse than the French when he's up to bat with runners in scoring position, but damn that boy can swing a mean stick with nobody on base. He's skeezy, has an awful awesome beard, and is likely a dearly departed following this season. Show me the money! .294/.912, 104 r, 45 dbl, 26 hr, 83 rbi, 12 sb, and 7 outfield assists.

Phillies Team MVP?
Roy Halladay
Ryan Howard
Carlos Ruiz
Jayson Werth free polls

Oh yeah, there's a series being played this weekend. Not that it amounts to a whisker on Kathy Bates' beard, but it is against Atlanta, so go beat 'em.


GM-Carson said...

I was torn between Chooch and Doc, but my mouse clicked on Halladay in the end.

Bob D said...

I chose Howard over Werth. Chooch was tempting as how clutch he was. Polanco could also garner some consideration

Atlanta is playing for the wild card and if the Phils win 2 or 3 than Padres have a good shot of getting in.

Bob D said...

Minaya and Manuel are out from the Mutts, Wow what a collapse!

Bob D said...

Rollins has had a couple of good swings tonight - a good sign.

Bastardo has good stuff and should make the post season roster.

Dobbs with 3 K's not good - Brown should get the nob over him.

GM-Carson said...

Grand slam for Rollins was nice.

Overall the staff did well tonight, except for Zags. He just doesn't seem to have what it takes to be MLB reliever.

Gotta wait another days to celebrate with your lame tomahawk chop Braves fans.

ACSmitty79 said...

I too was choosing between Doc and Ruiz. I went with Ruiz. Consistent from beginning to end. Had some big hits when others were sleeping. It's not a Slight to Doc by any means, who probably already has a couple team MVPs. Besides he'll need to make space for his WS MVP trophy.

The only one i absolutely could not vote for was Werth. That putrid avg with RISP is not something to just over look.