Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's Next For WSBGMs

What a kick in the balls that NLCS was...

Just wanted to drop a short note here to all the loyal readers of our little blog to let both of you know what to expect this offseason.

The daily grind of blogging has taken it's toll on Carson and I. Combine that with the heartbreaking playoff loss and we're more than due for a short respite. And to be honest, there is basically zero Phillies news to report right now so it's a perfect time. So, don't expect much out of here for the next few days, but starting next week:

1) A daily (when I have time...) review/preview at each position, examining stats, salaries, options, expectations, etc. That will take us through the worst blogging month of the season.

2) December will focus on "Hot Stove" articles. We'll dish on the Winter meetings, free agent signings and trade rumors both real and absurdly false, because we can't/won't discriminate between the two.

3) Random stuff like off-topic posts (most likely about non-Phillies baseball, but you never know), posts about Sabermetrics and how I hate BABIP interpretation, song parodies, Cliff Lee trade analysis, Brett Favre dong shots, etc.

Basically, we'll hibernating for a week and we'll see you when we wake up.

Thanks for reading and just remember, pitchers and catchers report in a little over 3 months.


GM-Carson said...

Other stuff to expect:
*Name that Phillie (random pictures of obscure Phils from years past).

*Holiday Photoshops (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc.). Because that's always amusing.

*Making fun of the Mets.

*And other complete random nonsense.

JH said...

How about a "Holiday" letter at some point. You know those wonderful letters you get in Christmas cards.

Bob D said...

Pirates we want Pirates!

ripjgarcia said...

Yeah.. I'm sure we all wanna hear about the Pirates. Let's put it to a vote.

Better yet, let me cover the Pirates.

Ok.. here we go.

Pirates suck and should be eligible for their own special draft each year.

Next topic.

Matty said...

I'll be looking forward to it.