Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What To Do Until Saturday

The San Francisco Giants put an end to Bobby Cox's illustrious managing career and secured themselves a meeting with the Philadelphia Phillies in the National League Championship Series. But wait, and literally I mean WAIT, because the NLCS doesn't start until Saturday. C'mon, WTF are we supposed to do until then?

*Go squirrel hunting. Capping a half dozen gray critters will help relieve stress. Pan fry those bad boys in some butter and hot sauce and you would think you're eating hot wings.

*Catch up on missed television. Whether it's Dancing With The Stars or Grey's Anatomy, now is the perfect time to watch all that drama and action you'll be craving without hope of another Halladay no-hitter this work week.

*Say hello to your wife. See what she's been up to lately, she already knows what you've been doing- playoff baseball. Maybe take her out to dinner, catch a movie, play some Scrabble.

*Do some home brewing. Personally, I'm bottling a porter on Wednesday and starting a mint chocolate stout to be ready for the holidays.

*Fantasy football. Make sure you're not still starting Michael Vick or Clinton Portis.

*Yard work. It's autumn, meaning fall, meaning leaves are falling. Rake them you lazy S.O.B.

*Exercise. Watching baseball leads to snacking and usually adult beverage consumption...fatter. Get up and do something with you body before it turns against you or you go up 2 waist sizes.

*Read a book. Pick up a piece of fine literature and delve into it, whether it be Moby Dick, The Great Gatsby, Tale of Two Cities, Kama Sutra, or Green Eggs and Ham.

Feel free to add your own in the comments section.


SirAlden said...

"Would you do it with a mouse?
Would you do it in a house?"

SirAlden said...

"I would do it here and there!
I would do it anywhere!"

SirAlden said...

"They call me Ishmael...."

Preserve Jon said...

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm getting married in my free time. I leave it up to you as to whether this is a productive use of time.

This means I'll be out of the country on our honeymoon during the NLCS. Poor planning you may say. But I call it genius. I was also out of the country during the NLCS in 2008 and the Phils ended up winning it all. This is exactly why I let my future wife talk me into a fall wedding. Genius.

GM-Carson said...

I was 1 year old when the Phils won the World Series in '80. My oldest son was 1 when they won in '08, and now I have a son that is 1 in '10...another championship?

Oh yeah, congrats Preserve Jon!

Matty said...

Going to The Trappe Tavern tonight. Darren Daulton will be there.

GM-Carson said...

Ask him if he plans on selling all his worldly possessions before 2012.

Preserve Jon said...

Thanks for the kind wishes.

From fingerfood:

Listening to their words and watching the body language at Great America Ball Park for Game 3 on Sunday night, it was clear that the Phillies believe they are the best team in the league. It’s a cliché, but the Phillies have an aura and an intimidation factor that often overwhelms teams. During pregame stretch before the Reds finished up their BP rounds, Phillies’ players stood along the baseline and watched the opponents go through their paces. Typically, teams tend to quietly go about their business and ignore the other team, but the Phillies seem to be staring them down like a basketball team settling on the half court line while the opposition goes through its lay-up line.