Monday, October 11, 2010

They Couldn't Touch This

Goodbye Cincinnati, thanks for coming. Next time bring your bats and gloves.

PS - Carlos Ruiz is not impressed with your Cuban fastballs.


SirAlden said...

10 Post Season Victory Celebrations and 2 Losses this Decade.

Thanks King Cole.

Joseph said...

Thankfully those horrible TBS announcers will be doing the Yanks series while we will be getting Buck and McCarver

Matty said...

Excellent performance. Now if we could only get away without Buck & Tim, it would really be an enjoyable series.

Preserve Jon said...

Not only the announcers, but the production was brutal too. This isn't the NBA, stop jumping back and forth between cameras to show us that you have 11 of them.

If I actually saw the catcher give the signs it wouldn't be the end of the world! Showing the pitcher getting set? Unheard of! Establishing a flow and rhythm to the camera shots and allowing the game to play out? Never! Showing some ugly chick in the stands wave her rally towel? Endless, endless shots. TBS is terrible.

GM-Carson said...

Buck and McCarver make me miss T-Mac, Sarge, and Wheels. That's bad.

PG said...

Our pitching was phenomenal. Let's hope to get the bats going this next series!

Carson- I completely agree. Buck is terrible. He blatantly will cheer for one team over another (it's never the Phillies he's rooting for either). TBS announcers weren't great (maybe i'm the only one that caught the "Chase Ugly" phrases, but they are still better then the crack team of Buck and McCarver.

SirAlden said...

Interesting that we really have nothing to complain about the team.

Remember yesteryear? Jose Mesa "joe table", David Bell on the last 2 years of his contract, Robert Person, Brandon Duckworth, "Figgy" Figeroa, Omar Dahl, Ricky Botalico?

Be greatfull. Very greatfull, or it may all be taken away.

GM-Carson said...

Aside from "They Couldn't Touch This" Cole Hamels has some other hits too:
Too Legit To Hit
Please Hamels, Don't Hurt 'em
The Phillies Phamily
and You've Got to Prey Just to Make it Today.

Good music, great man.

Bob D said...

TBS= Terrible Broadcasting System